Friday, May 1, 2009

Japanese Honeysuckle - Sweet Potato Vine - Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Wow.. May 1rst already. Doesn't it seem like the older you get the faster time flies by?

Yesterday I took a little walk up the street. I got a bit dizzy by time I got to the corner... not because of exercise. The aroma of the Japanese Honeysuckles was overwhelming. I love their aroma, but sometimes a good thing can be a bit much :-)

Japanese Honeysuckle

The Japanese Honeysuckle was introduced to the U.S. in the early to mid-1800's as an ornamental plant, for erosion control, and for wildlife forage and cover. Unfortunately the plant has become invasive in many of our states.

Frank put this bit of a sweet potato that was past being edible into a glass of water. Today he planted it in the garden. With a bit of luck we might just have a few sweet potatoes to eat.

When I was a child Mama grew a sweet potato vine in the dining room window. The leaves began to wilt. Mama threw it in the flower bed just outside the door. I don't remember the month this happened, but sometime later when the flower bed was being weeded seven sweet potatoes were discovered. It always amazed me that there were seven sweet potatoes... one for each family member. When these were found I think it was one of 'those times' when the cupboard was almost bare.

I have always asked God that my family would have food to eat. That prayer has always been answered to my satisfaction.

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Today we were looking at a tv show that Frank recorded and we both looked out the window and saw this bird fighting with a Northern Cardinal. I didn't get my camera in time to catch the action.. the Cardinal flew away.

This is a female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. The pictures are through the window with the bird in the shade, so not great pictures. We don't get to see this bird variety much. Right click and open in a new window for a larger view.



  1. You have made me hungry for sweet potatoes! They are one of my favorites. That is a sweet story about a potato for each family member. God is so good, isn't he? I hope you both have a very nice weekend Zaroga.

  2. That was wonderful that you got 7 potatoes. Amazing story. We had the male birf here last year. I do not know if there was a female as she would blend in with the others of her color and I would not have noticed. Happy May day.

  3. What an great story of God's provision with the sweet potatoes! Amazing:)

    My mom used to have a sweet potato vine growing inside also- they really take off.

    I so enjoy your knowledge of nature --the names of flowers and birds. So interesting!

    Have a great weekend, Zaroga;)


  4. I just did my National Scrap Day post so thought I would drop by to see how you were! I miss being in the country because of the honeysuckles we had everywhere! I even though about putting some at my fence to attract the Hummingbirds but I am glad I didn't, the landlord next door sprayed the fence, Les' poor pepper plants were there, too!
    I also Loved your story about the sweet potato vine! That's a great blessing!

  5. Yes, I can see you getting 7 potatoes just when you needed them..God is good and always provides. Thanks for stopping by as always...Sandy

  6. God does provide. I loved that story. I always enjoy pictures of birds.


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