Monday, May 25, 2009

An Award -- What's Cooking?

Lynn at Lynn's Lovelies was kind enough to award me this One Lovely Blog Award. Lynn truly has a Lovely Blog... please pay her a visit.


So after receiving this award, I am to do 2 things~~~
* Accept this award and

** Pass it on to 15 blogs that I have recently discovered

The first part I can do easily. The second... I can never choose. I enjoy each blog I read. If you see your blog under Blogs I Like to Read over in the far column of my blog... feel free to grab this award. I feel each of you deserve the award.

I now have 25 followers. It is a surprise to me that anyone reads my ramblings :-)


Yesterday I made my version of Beef Stroganoff. I've posted the recipe in my recipe blog.

Chopped Mushrooms

Added the Medium Noodles.

A couple of dollops of Sour Cream was added. I usually use a bit more, but that was all the sour cream I had. I couldn't get the coloring correct in this photo :-(

Frank has some lights that I could clamp onto a cabinet. I think I would get better pictures in the kitchen using them... I just need not to be so lazy.

Yummy... ready to eat with my mushy peas and carrots.
Beef Stroganoff

Leftovers for today! :-)

Oh... Marcy finished her sister's birthday cake... it is beautiful! Take a look and drop her a comment. I used to decorate cakes, but I never did as well as she does. She changed the url of her blog to Lady M's Cakes.


  1. That's a great looking meal Zaroga.

  2. one word-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  3. Now you've gone and made me hungry!!!

  4. You have no idea how hungry I was before I sat down at the computer. Now I'm starving - that looks wonderful!


  5. That looks yummy darling Zaroga. If I'd have known you were cooking I would have run right over!!
    Always something sweet and happy over at your place girl :)

    Steady ON
    Reggie Girl

  6. Looks yummy Zaroga, I'm going to have to make that. The cake looks awesome, she did a great job. Congrats on the award!

  7. My hubby loves beef stroganoff. I'm gonna have to try this recipe- it looks so yummmy! And with the peas and carrots- what a beautiful meal!!:)

    All of your recipes look so delicious!


  8. Oh MY! That beef stroganoff looks Heavenly!! Love that sour cream is added. Such comfort food. Congrats on the award!!

  9. Oh...I found five new outfits in my closet that I had never taken the tags off of. I didn't even know they were in there. I didn't find wigs. LOL


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