Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out -- Transportation

Well, more like HOW PEOPLE IN YOUR TOWN GET AROUND WITHOUT A CAR. More participants at Friday Shoot-Outs.

I went for a walk and I didn't see any vehicles other than cars and pick-em-ups (pickup trucks). I did not even see a delivery truck, bus, baby stroller, bicycle, atv or another stroller. Very unusual day.

I put on my shoes and put my Sony pocket camera in my pocket.

I haven't really used this pocket camera a lot. I bought it to get me through the weeks I would be without my Sony f717, which had to go in for a repair... a repair I didn't have to pay for :-) I know some of you know about camera withdrawal :-) Because of my shoulder problem... the Sony f717 and the Sony A700 are a bit heavy for me right now. I was for the most part pleased with the results. I could not see too well if I was focused or not. I didn't bring my glasses... so could not see the detail of what I was taking.

Since I didn't see any transportation besides cars and pick-em-ups you get pictures of things I saw on my walk.

I could have taken pictures of Micky D's, but the picture would probably make you want fries and I don't want to spoil your diet. So I took pictures of petunia that were growing in the vacant lot behind the restaurant.

Feel free to right click on the photos and open in a new window for larger view... that way you don't have to reload this page. The photos look much better larger.

There were also roses growing in the lot.

I walked past the Motel 8 you see in the background and resisted buying tomatoes and peaches.... not hard to do when you didn't bring money.

Just past the produce stand is the bus stop... with no bus in sight.

Blackberries are forming. This shot was not sharp... so I tried to make it look a bit like a painting.

Nothing in this post much about transportation, but hope the photos brightened your day.

My niece, Marcy has put up some nice pictures of flowers in her yard... while there check out her beautiful cakes.



  1. What a nice day....the sun was out shining there and perfect for a walk! Looks like you live in a quaint town. :) Thank you so much for your compliments, Zaroga! I take compliments from everyone, even from women! LOL. :) Gotta take 'em where I can get them. Hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend! Love all your pictures, especially the blackberry. You could have taken a picture of Micky D's....there isn't one around where I work so it would have been safe for me, at least. LOL!

  2. What a beautiful walk, Zaroga! Funny you didn't go out and see what you were looking for particularly, but you sure did get some pretty pictures! You make me want to go for a walk now, with camera in hand, of course!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. I love going on walks with my camera. I haven't done that in a while. Maybe this weekend I'll get a chance. I always love your pictures!


  4. Great pictures and I am hungry for blackberry cobbler now!

  5. Thanks for taking us with you on your walk Zargoa. Walking was the original transportation and is still the best.

  6. It is exciting to have a new member. I hope you participate every week. I will put your link on my blog. I was stationed at NAS Albany, Ga. for five years. Pecan farmers everywhere!

  7. Wow, you have black berry's already! Ours are in bloom now.

  8. That was a nice stroll. Since beginning this shoot out with Reggie Girl, it always amazes me what people come up with it. Everyone has their own takes on the assignments and that makes it so interesting.

    Welcome to our Friday shoot-outs. Gordon has chosen "Paint the town RED" for next week's assignment.


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