Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Bargain and I'll Take A Verb?

A week or so ago I whammed my next to the little toe a good'un on one of our doorways. It is probably slightly fractured. The pain is about gone and the color is back to normal. It is still a bit swollen and hurts when it hits the floor in certain ways.

I can't seem to go barefoot very much anymore. My indoor open-toed shoes were worn out. So we shopped this last week for open-toed shoes for me. The style this year seems to be flip flops or thongs. I don't like to wear flip flops / thongs... the strap between my toes just irritates.

Our last stop was WalMart yesterday. Frank helped me look and he found some that were on clearance for $3. Granted they aren't much to look at, but for $3 and will be worn indoors... I don't care. They give me enough cushioning and my toes are happy :-)

I prefer the straps up for a quick slip on-off.

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

Frank asked me this morning if I had dreamed about games shows again. A few days ago I had a dream about two tv stars in a game show. Hurley from ABC's show Lost was one of the contestants and I can't remember the name of the other star. I do remember that it was a very strange combination.

I answered Frank's question that I didn't remember dreaming of anything last night. I asked him why. He said I clearly asked for a verb ... um a verb?

now was that a catagory in

I know it could not have been

Sometimes I wish I could remember all of what was in my dreams and other times I wish I didn't remember as much as I do :-)

I don't watch game shows very much any more. I loved the old game shows of Concentration, To Tell The Truth, I've Got A Secret, Queen For A Day, Password, Match Game, Hollywood Squares, Name That Tune, The Dating Game, Joker's Wild, Lets Make A Deal, The Price Is Right (Bill Cullen as host), Tic Tac Dough, Truth Or Consequences and What's My Line. I do sometimes watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, but the other game shows of today just don't interest me.

Do you watch game shows? What are your favorites? Come across a bargain lately? What are in your dreams?



  1. I love to watch all of the old game shows on GSN. They were so much better than today's.

  2. Grandma and I loved the old Dating Game. She would watch it to see what the girls were wearing since she was a seamstress! My bargain of the week was a loved carved wooden box at Goodwill for $4! I'll have to show it to you on a blog - it has Cardinals!
    I do a lot of running in my dreams - maybe because in real life, I CAN'T RUN! ha

  3. Hi Zaroga,
    I used to watch the game shows but haven't in a while. No bargains this week...haven't been shopping. I once hit my toe on a door facing like that and it must have broken it because it hurt for so long!
    I used to dream I was soaring up in the sky like an Eagle! This was a frequent recurring dream.

  4. We seldom watch TV. No time. We have a few shows we watch on HBO and Showtime, and we love the old movies on TCM. We have TIVO, so it gets our favorites, and when we do have time to relax, our shows are waiting for us.

  5. I love the new shoes, I bought a pair at Walgreen's near 4 years ago. And the are still holding up fine. I found the brand on line last month and ordered 3 other styles. As they may out live me. I like the comfort level. I watched game shows as a kid, but I do not have a favorite.

  6. I don't watch game shows at all now, I mostly watch CSI, Forensics and things like The Mentalist. I am so sad Monk is going to end! There is a show on Monday Night called I Survived. I love that, too!
    Now like you I watched them growing up, not that we had a lot of choice with just 3 channels but my favorites were Let's make a Deal and Concentration. I did watch the Dating Game and laughed at the craziness!
    My dreams are crazy and I usually only remember slices of them and try to forget as soon as possible, LOL!

  7. I love your bargain shoes. They look really comfy. I love bargains but haven't been shopping lately to really find any.


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