Monday, May 4, 2009

Ho-Hum Day - Rainy Days and Mondays

Just a ho-hum day... a little laundry got done and I vacuumed. I sent my rebate form out for the Reynolds Wrap.

For our dinner Frank made us beautiful omelets and I took pictures. But my brain was not working... the card wasn't in the camera. Don't you just hate it when you do things like that!

I forgot to buy Mama a Mother's Day card. So... I made one, but it is not wanting to print in the correct colors. I may have to try the other computer or printer. I hate wasting paper.

We've had a bit of rain today... much needed at least in our yard. Well rainy days and Mondays don't get me down :-)


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  1. I always liked the Carpenters. I remember my sister was going to GA STATE UNIV. when they were popular and got to be an usher at their concert. I was jealous!
    It has really been rainy and gloomy today!


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