Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out - Paint The Town Red

Friday Shoot-Out - Paint The Town Red... in my case Paint The House Red. I wasn't able to get out and about town and take pictures... most of the week the lighting has been awful with clouds in and out and yesterday rain in and out. I had fun finding things that I enjoy in my home.

First I looked in my kitchen... first thing I thought of was Campbell's Soup. They make such a souper supper :-)

This is a picture I took a few years back. It was taken in Turtle Park which is at our River Front Park. I had a very fun day that day.... even though its is the day my camera died. The colors in the camera went haywire... which even going through my editing program you can see here. It only got worse. Sony repaired it for free... shipping and all.

Cambell's Turtle

Then there are canned stewed tomatoes that can be whipped up into a lot of quick dishes. I like the Del Monte brand better, but my pocketbook likes the Great Value brand.

Then there is ketchup. Frank likes ketchup better than I... I put it on fries so I can swallow them :-) I also use it in recipes.

Then there are a couple of tomatoes sitting on the counter ready to be sliced and eaten.

My favorite snack with cheese is Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers.

Frank's mother painted this design of strawberries on a cutting board for me and it hangs on the kitchen wall.

I made some potholders out of fabric with a strawberry theme. I made an apron too. I just cannot for the life of me remember where I put it... I want to hang it in the kitchen again... a little decor.

In our travels I've collected a Rock City Gardens plate and lighthouse salt & pepper shaker set. They always catch my eye when I look at my collections of this n' that.

I bought this balloon for Frank on Valentine's Day in 1993. It seems the balloon is going to stay inflated forever. I love seeing its words each day. Sometimes you don't think you can love a person any more than the day you married them.... but my love grows each day for my Sweetheart.

When we go for a medical test or one of us has to stay overnight in a hospital this Coca Cola bag accompanies us. It will hold reading material, puzzle book and snacks. When we go on trips it may hold camera accessories. It is serving us well.

This is an item I almost gave away. I don't wear it anymore and don't know why I keep it. I prefer pjs to night gowns. It is pretty, silky and shiny and I do like those qualities.

This is an older picture. It is of a gumball machine that I like. No those aren't gumballs they are chinese checker marbles. I have the machine filled about halfway up with them. The machine is in the back bedroom (the bedroom is being packed up for renovations later this year... maybe) and it is a bit hard to get to the machine for a picture.

Gumball Machine

Frank has highlighted our trip routes in this Road Atlas. I'm hoping soon that he will be highlighting more routes.

For a list of more bloggers participating in this challenge go to Friday Shoot-Outs . The list is located over on the right-hand side. I now understand the rules better and next week I should do better with the subject matter of water for next week's challenge. Patty has done a blog to explain the rules at Friday "My Town" Shoot-Out and tells how it all started.

Our weekend will be relaxing.... rain will keep us indoors for the most part. Time will be spent reading, watching tv or a movie.

Y'all have a great weekend!


  1. I want one of those turtles for my front yard! That's a real can of turtle stew. Great job with your limited travel time.

  2. My, My, Zaroga, you sure found a lot of RED things in your house!! I hope you and Frank are doing well. Have a great day!

  3. Ah Zaroga, I love it! That's as intimate a town tour as we're likely to get! And all without leaving the comforts of home!

    This post was great fun, thank you!

  4. A great post Zaroga. I wish you and Frank a nice weekend.

  5. I don't have you on my list - I will add you now. good photos - isn't amazing what we have in our own homes. and how often we may pick an item because it is red. and your silk nighty - well hang on to it it may have some very nice subliminal memories.

  6. Hello! What a beautiful post - I would have kept the night gown too. For the same reasons. And, I wear sweats and a t-shirt to bed! LOL!

    I love love love LOVE the gumball shot. That was a stunning and very creative shot. I did a double take and a closer look, and I think it is amazing!

    You have a great blog, I am glad our blogs crossed. :)

  7. Smashingly wonderful blog Zaroga!!! You've captured the whole concept about Friday Shoot-Outs. Any interpretation that you's as simple as that!! Brilliant job and I love the nightie :)
    That cutting board is a priceless gift isn't it?
    You're such a lovely lady and there is always sweetness found at your blog.
    Hope your Memorial Day is filled with much love, joy and laughter and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. Wow, you have a lot of wonderful red items at home! But my favorite one would be the balloon. I hope your love will last forever :). Have a great weekend, Zaroga.

  9. Now you have some super shots of red! I am so loving the turtle!

  10. That was so much fun!!You are just too cute with your posts..LOVE it!
    Red is one of my most FAVORITE colors, too! A girl can never had enough pink and red!
    Have a fabulous Friday afternoon~ We just had our first shower of the day...with many more to come in the next week!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. She is as sweet as she is cute~~

  11. Oh, I love all the tomato thingies. That turtle is awesome.

    Aren't those Rock City things a hoot? When I was a child they used to be all over the place. Thanks for bringing back those fond memories.

    You should not have pictured the nightie. It will give Bagman ideas. Right Bagman? He has been too good lately. Maybe it will bring him out of his shell.

    Love that gumball machine.

    You certainly got the idea, gal, and you laid it all out just right.

  12. G'day how lovely to meet you and your Friday Shoot-out. Thank you for your comment on mine.

    Have a beautiful day.

    Sarah Lulu

  13. The turtle is so cute :-) and you really have plenty of red in your kitchen :-)

  14. Hey there, welcome. You did a great job on your red shoot out from home. I guess i could have done better but It's just been one of those weeks. Love the gumball machine and the nighty. Great. Have a happy holiday weekend.

  15. With limited time, you have great shots here!! The "Campbell" shots are really appetizing! Love your red night gown too.. so sexy

  16. I dig the turtle, and as a chef, and a cook at heart I love the whole theme! Of course I thought I would be going over the top if I put food, so I did a strawberry shot in there, since I have a food blog already!

    Nice to meet you and thanks for coming over!

  17. I love this post. It was fun reading. The turtle guy is cute and so fitting with the soup cans.

  18. I think the turtle is great! and I loved the Chinese Checker Marble machine!

  19. ha ha these are great, funny too. thanks for visiting me too.

  20. All things red- I love it!:) Great photos, Zaroga!

    And "souper suppper" --cute!

    I always love visiting you and when you stop by my place:)


  21. Nice!

    Love to see what people come up with for the Friday Shootout. And it's always a pleasure!

    “I can't really envision a time when I'm not shooting something”.
    Martin Scorsese


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