Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Are Tuesdays Any Better Than Mondays?


I know.. weird title. Do you ever think that your mind has just totally left you? That's a bit how I felt yesterday and today too. The strange thing is that I thought I had gotten more sleep and with more sleep my brain should work better.

I'm doing more laundry today. Yesterday the whites was all I could handle, so today I'm doing the rest.

I managed to get the card I made for Mama to print. The black ink was down to 20% and the printer wanted it to be 100%. The flowers I used on the card were the Delphinium and Salvia. (in the picture to the left) It looks much better on the card than it does here... a textured card stock melds the rough edges away. Now if I can remember to mail it.

Today for dinner was spaghetti and a salad. I was dicing onions for the sauce and nicked my index finger with the knife. Nothing bad, but nausea hit me immediately. It took at least ten minutes for the bleeding to stop. Frank continued with dicing while I put pressure on my finger. I finally was able to help get dinner ready. I dont' think I could do very well without Frank.

Isn't it something... you can see it happening and you still can't get your finger away in time. While it is happening it seems like slow motion, but in reality it is just too quick to happen to do anything. Frank said it would interfere with my blogging. Yeah.. it hurts, but I can still type on the laptop computer :-)


My niece, Marcy. She posted a picture of her birthday cake that she made. It is beautiful even after it was dinged in transport. Please head over and see this fabulous cake.


Since I'm in a Blue Color mood...

Spiderworts are grow just behind the house. They sure do look pretty. This is a photo from a previous year.


Spiderworts can be compared to daylilies and dayflowers -- each blossom lasts only one day. The common name refers to the many glistening hairs on the sepals and the buds. They resemble a spider's nest of webs, especially when covered with dew ("wort" is an old English word for plant).


A Word... or a phrase

Wash One's Hands

Modern drama was born in the church where plays and interludes based upon the Bible were used for centuries as a means of instruction of illiterate parishioners. Strolling bands of minstrels also performed biblical dramas at street fairs and had a great impact upon popular thought and speech.

A favorite scene was the enactment of Jesus' trial before Pilate. There were few props to make the background seem realistic, but it was customary to bring in a basin of water. Pilate then washed his hands as he denied responsibility for the death sentence. This bit of stage play made a great hit with audiences. As a result to "wash one's hands " of a matter came into general use as an expression disclaiming accountability.



  1. Wow, what is with these few days? I've been feeling blue too. Your niece's cake is just amazing!! I love how it's so whimsical looking.

    Well, I am going to make myself cookies tonight and hope that will brighten my mood. Hope your mood brightens too! At least you have sun! :)

  2. It's hard not to blue when it's done nothing but rain for almost a week here.
    Your niece is very talented!

  3. I love Marcy's cake - she is so talented.

    The sun finally came out here this afternoon; maybe we will all feel better tomorrow!

  4. Hi Zaroga!

    The pictures of your flowers are soooo pretty!!
    You know how I love flowers!!

    And your banner with the sunflowers!!- WOW!

    Thanks for coming by and Happy Mother's Day!



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