Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chattanooga Tennessee

When we stayed at Cloudland Canyon State Park we took a day trip to Chattanooga Tennessee. I thought I would show you a bit of what we saw there.

They have a great aquarium in Chattanooga. Many people there just ran through like they did at Rock City... but Frank and I savor each moment, well Frank would say "get our money's worth" :-) We really savor the moments when we enjoy ourselves and we did enjoy ourselves in Chattanooga. Now these aren't the greatest pictures... bear in mind it was my first experience with a digital camera.

The Aquarium is in two buildings.
I was on The Southern Belle when I took this shot.
Tennessee Aquarium

I could watch them all day!

Leafy Seadragon
It deserved its name.
Leafy Seadragon

A Trout?
I don't know my fish :-)

Green Sea Turtle
It is in motion and I know nothing about how my camera works... so everything is on auto :-)
Green Sea Turtle "Chelonia mydas"

American Alligator "Alligator missisippiensis"

You can touch the sharks.
Touching the Sharks

If you are lucky a turtle will smile for you :-)

Fish and More Fish
Fish and Fish

West Coast Sea Nettle
These are mesmerizing.
West Coast Sea Nettle "Chrysaora fuscescens"

After lunch at a great restaurant... which I can't remember the name of... we went for a boat ride on The Southern Belle.

The Southern Belle

There was beautiful scenery.
Tennessee River

Tennessee River

This fella pointed us in the right direction.
Native American

Three Bridges... honest!
>Three Bridges

The Photographer's Stand.
The Photographer's Stand

One day I'll go back and take better pictures.

Georgia now has an aquarium that we haven't had the honor to visit yet. Maybe when we go see our daughter we can make a day of it.



  1. Thanks for sharing these pretty photos - Nalley and I have not been able to travel to the aquarium so it was a treat to see your pictures.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love the aquariams. They have a great one at Monterey CA. and I have been there a few times.
    Mountain Mama

  3. Zaroga, you don't need to apoligize for these pictures! They are great!! It is a wonderful place to visit and your pictures make me want to go back!!!

  4. wow- Thanks for the beautiful photos, Zaroga! I feel like I've been on a short vacation:)

    I'm sorry to say that we got down to Chattanooga during the 7 yrs. we lived near Nashville.

    Hope you are having a good weekend!


  5. Beautiful photos as always Zaroga...I think they are wonderful. I have never seen a seahorse before.

  6. Those photos are gorgeous! I wish I had your talent with a camera!

  7. They are awesome photos. You got to do what I had to cut out of my trip. So now I can see it in photos. Thanks.

  8. Awesome photos. Great clarity, color, and composition. Makes me want to head south.

    I moved here from Georgia (lived on the Hooch in Helen), so we spent a lot of time up in your neck of the woods. The only thing I miss about living here is the mountains. We have to drive a long ways to see mountains around here.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your photos with that new camera!

  9. Favorites are the turtles. Should I start a new blog to post other stuff on?


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