Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Few of My Ladies

Mildred over at Nalley Valley asked her readers the other day what they like to collect. I collect salt & pepper shakers, souvenir bells (from our travel) and figurines. These I 'm showing today are Made in Occupied Japan.

Right click on the pictures and open in a new window for a larger view if you wish.

This is a pretty lady that I wish I had a little gentleman to go with. I just haven't found the right one. I haven't looked lately... my cabinets are so full I'm not sure I could find room for one more thing.

A little lady sits near the pretty lady on the shelf.

This lady is being serenaded it seems

It seemed funny that today when I opened my email from my friend Martha that her word for the day is Lady. I for sure had to post my ladies.


In Anglo-Saxon times most families were quite large, so there was much work to be done around the household. Custom decreed that special tasks should be allotted to various female members of the group.

Unmarried girls usually looked after such matters as milking and spinning. But the privilege of making bread, one of the most important items of their diet, was reserved by the housewife herself. She was called the "lae-dige," meaning "the bread kneader." Later centuries modified the term to "lady." Etymologically speaking, no woman is entitled to be called a lady until she has learned to make bread!

Hey! I qualify :-)

I have seen a few of the things that y'all collect and sure do enjoy them.

Today I talked a long time with my Mama. She saw her orthopedist surgeon earlier this week. The x-rays showed that her fracture was healed. Mama is still in a lot of pain, so the doctor has ordered a MRI to check a little closer. She has that Friday morning and sees the surgeon again next Wednesday. A little prayer for her would be appreciated.



  1. Hi Zaroga, I am so happy that you are sharing your pretty ladies. I love the baskets the first two are holding. Can you picture Frank or Nalley wearing pants like the man who is serenading the lady??? They are all so pretty. I hope you will share your salt/pepper collection too.
    I will remember your Mother in prayer. I'm sorry she is still in pain.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mother both.

  2. I am sorry about your finger and will pray for your Mom! I love your new Header! Gorgeous!

  3. They are beautiful treasures. I will keep your mom in my prayers too.

  4. Blessings and prayers to your mama, I hope you both have a lovely, well earned, Ladies Mother's Day:)


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