Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doctor -- Brunswick Stew

Frank and I both saw our family doctor this morning. My bloodwork was okay and no apparent reason for the extra tiredness. I didn't do well with the Ambien (sleep aid)... I felt like I was in another universe... and not a good one. During the daytime I was a little loopy. Frank said I was really weird when we shopped at WalMart the other day. He said I kept staring at the shelves... just looked confused. The plan for me right now is to do nothing.... if I continue to be so tired.. then we'll do something else; which the doctor didn't want to reveal yet. I have a referral to an orthopedist on the 12th of May that might help figure out my shoulder pain. My shoulder keeps me awake a lot at night, so maybe just figuring out the cause of the pain and a good treatment plan is all I need to get rid of my extra tiredness.

Some numbers on Frank's bloodwork were a little high (which was expected), but the doctor said his body may still be reacting to the surgery... so he does more bloodwork in a month. Frank is trying to get the once a month treatment of octreotide figured out with the oncologist surgeon today. I think he has the process about completed. Once a month sure beats three times daily!


I love soups and stews! Brunswick stew that is what we fixed for dinner yesterday with enough left over for today. Its great for the main dish or a side dish for barbecue ribs... just anything off the grill.

I need to find out how to photograph food... I can never get it the way I envision it. Anyway the stew was better today than yesterday. Go over to my Recipe Blog for the recipe.



  1. Brunswick stew if one of our family favorites. Yours looks delicious. I love to make enough at one time for two meals. I hope you will be able to sleep better and feel more rested during the day Zaroga. I think of you and Frank often and remember you in my prayers. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I made a stew yesterday because it was cold and damp...This one looks good, I went and printed it off...Thanks! I hope you start getting better sleep soon. It really isn't fun when you can't sleep especially when you're in pain.

  3. Your stew looks good enough to eat! lol


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