Monday, May 11, 2009

Omelet and Frog

Well it isn't a frog omelet :-) It is a chives, bacon bit, fiesta cheese omelet that I made for my supper yesterday. It isn't as pretty as the one Frank made me the other week, but it was tasty. The chive blossom is edible too. It has a stronger oniony taste than the chive leaf. Yes, I like lots of pepper... especially seasoned pepper with its red and black pepper. It is colorful as well as tasty.

A few facts about Chives.

  • In his 1806 book Attempt at a Flora (Försök til en flora), Retzius describes how chives are used with pancakes, soups, fish and sandwiches.

  • Chives are one of the "fines herbes of French cuisine, which also include tarragon, chervil and/or parsley.

  • Chives can also be dry-frozen without much impairment to its taste, giving home growers the opportunity to store large quantities harvested from their own garden.

  • Retzius also describes how farmers would plant chives between the rocks making up the borders of their flowerbeds, to keep the plants free from pests such as Japanese Beetles.

  • While the growing plant repels unwanted insect life, the juice of the leaves can be used for the same purpose, as well as fighting fungal infections, mildew and scab.

  • Its flowers are attractive to bees, which are important for gardens with an abundance of plants in need of pollination.

  • Chives containin numerous organisulplide compounds such as allyl sulfides and alkyl sulfoxides, they have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system by lowering the blood pressure. As chives are usually served in small amounts and never as the main dish, negative effects are rarely encountered, although digestive problems may occur following over-consumption

  • Chives are cultivated both for its culinary uses as well as its ornamental value; the violet flowers are often used in ornamental dry bouquets. They are also edible.. before they seed.

  • When harvesting, the needed number of stalks should be cut to the base.. During the growing season, the plant will continually regrow leaves, allowing for a continuous harvest.

  • Romanian Gypsies have used chives in fortune telling.

  • It was believed that bunches of dried chives hung around a house would ward off disease and evil.
So, more than you wanted to know. I love chives... they are pretty, tasty and easy to grow. I need easy things to grow. I didn't inherit a green thumb :-)

The cheese sure looks yellowy. Go ahead and right click and open in a new window to view larger.

Frank wasn't home for me to fix him an omelet. He was off with his Dad taking the tractor back down to Stubbs Acres (my parents old homestead). While his Dad bush-hogged Frank chased a sow back over to the neighbor's hog pen. One of the water faucets there broke, so something else to fix. Frank got tired... mostly from chasing the sow.

Frank went outside Sunday evening and saw something in one of the bird houses. A tree frog.

Now, wasn't he cute :-)

Birds and Basket

This morning I went to the orthopedist about my shoulder. More x-rays were taken. The doctor says I have two different problems... my shoulder and my ulna nerve at my elbow. That is the place that we call the funny bone and it isn't so funny. I will have a nerve test done to make sure that my elbow is the place the ulna nerve is damaged. There will be surgery for my shoulder.... a basic cleaning. I don't know when this will happen... you know one has to jump through the hoops of insurance. I had so hoped to skip this year in having surgery. I've had a surgery a year in 2006, 07 and 08 . I am thankful that I can be patched back together :-)



  1. first I kinda thought "ewwww gross" when I read the title of the post girl but then I loved it. The omelete sounds yummo, the tidbits about the chives and herbs are fantastic and the pics of the frog are amazing!!!
    Are you doing "Friday Shoot-Outs" with us this week? You sure have a talent for photography.....
    Hey, I tore my rotator cuff last year and it's not healing properly either. I'm putting that "clean it up" surgery off until I can no longer stand it......sounds not too fun doesn't it?
    Hey, hit me up at my blog with an answer or I'll miss your answer for sure!!

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. What a cute frog...I have chives in my flower bed and use them but I didn't know half the things you posted about. Do you know if you can still use them when they flower?
    Oh man, I hope if you do have the surgery that all goes well.

  3. That is the cutest frog!

    I hope you will soon get some relief from your pain Zaroga. Keep us updated.

  4. Great pictures with the frog! The omelet is pretty, too! Good luck with your problem, I dislocated mine last June and that was painful so I can sympathize!

  5. Hi Zaroga,
    Boy, that omelet looks delicious!!!
    And the little frog is so cute in his new home.
    Prayers for your shoulder and nerve healing!!!


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