Saturday, May 2, 2009

Senior Prom 1969... Remembered

The other day I was reading the blog Life With Lisa Ann and she wanted to know if any of her readers were brave enough to post their prom pictures.

My senior prom was the 10th of May 1969 and was held in our gym. I cannot remember how the gym was decorated... probably because it was so dark in there.

My prom date was Frank. Yes, we have been sweethearts for a long time.

My Daddy insisted that I get my hair done at the parlor and I did. I actually felt guilty about getting my hair done... and the prom dress (money was tight). The prom dress was off the clearance rack and I think was about $15... either from My Shop or Diana's Shop (dress shops) I think the hair style was $5. My hair was stiff with hairspray and I combed it out as soon as I got home.

These are old Polaroid pictures. Right click on them and open in a new widow for a larger view.

This is the original of the above picture. I only took a few minutes trying to make it look better. One day I'll spend a long while with it and restore it much better. I actually earned a bit of money once restoring an old Polaroid picture. Frank suggested one time I should try and earn money at restoring old photographs. I do like doing it, but it is so time consuming and think I would prefer to only restore our old family pictures.

The band that evening was Jesse Boone and the Astros. It was the best music! To listen to a bit of their music head over to Georgia Soul and click the link underneath the record.

I had to wear my eyeglasses all the time back then.... and everything was fuzzy looking in the darkness of the gym without them. Frank and I had a fantastic time!

Are you brave enough to post your prom pictures :-)



  1. These are such fun to see Zaroga! Fun memories with the music too. I don't have any prom pictures so I'll just enjoy yours!

  2. You looked lovely. I love that dress!

  3. I would have to look. I may have mine. My hubby was my date too. And may 19 is our 29th wedding anniversary. Maybe I will do a post that day with the photos. You did a great job with restoring the photo. I like to do it too. Have a great week end.

  4. Knowing me I already have posted them. I love doing Monday Memories. What a cute couple you two were..don't love those old pictures? Sometimes I wonder just who they are?? smile..Sandy

  5. I love it, you two look great together...Jim and I were High School sweethearts too.


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