Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gladiolas and Update :-))

I want to let Miss Mildred know that we have enjoyed the gladiola bulbs that she sent last year.... or was it the year before.  I can't remember... time seems to pass me by :-))  The flowers are very beautiful.




We are still working on the office.  The doors are being a problem.  It will eventually be overcome and remodeling will progress.

Frank and I went on another trip out west.  We had a good time despite Frank's Uncle Henry passing.  We did to get to see him before his death.  Frank's Aunt Ora Lee... sister of Uncle Henry passed away just a few days after he did.  Her death was unexpected.  Aunt Ora Lee had lost a daughter to cancer only a couple of weeks before her death.  So with this going on it was hard to smile sometimes.

We did smile even though we were evacuated from the RV park when the Guadalupe River flooded in Kerrville Texas.  Even though we both got a stomach virus while in Benson Arizona we smile.  The Medina River in Castroville threatened us... and we smiled.

If you would like to read of our adventure... I warn you that I am a very uninteresting writer... the travel blog is Wandering About II .  I am not a fast photo editor so the photos are not in the blog, but can be viewed through  Picasa Web Album  or if you prefer you may view through Flickr .

I may try and highlight my favorite places... so stay tuned.

Frank and I are doing pretty well.  We stay busy.... and I spend way too much time on FaceBook farming and chasing bears :-))

I am in physical therapy for neck again.  I'm really trying to improve my posture.  You wouldn't believe how hard it is for me to straighten up.  I'm hoping for lots improvement with not only me neck but my entire back.

I'll try and make time to visit some of your blogs.  I enjoy playing the games on FaceBook with some of you... so thanks for being my neighbor and I'm sorry if I got you addicted to some game.