Friday, May 29, 2009


Before taking you shopping... I'm doing a couple of paragraphs to vent on everyday life that you can skip.

I'm a bit tired of going to doctor offices. Thursday I had the nerve conduction and EMG tests. Those needles hurt a bit going into my muscles. I go Friday to the orthopedist for the results. We each have a doctor's appointment on Friday. We want to go somewhere and explore... just have fun! I know it will all happen in due time :-)

Yesterday I went to Mama's doctor appointment. Mainly because I haven't seen her since Christmas. I talk to her once or twice a week, but it just is not the same as seeing her. She looks so much tireder and frailer than I last saw her. She has to increase her water pills for a few days and she has to start watching her salt intake. She is in a lot of pain still and will go in a couple of weeks for an injection in her back to hopefully reduce the pain.

After my tests on Thursday I went over to the mall to shop. Did I mention that I hate shopping? We had all ready looked at WalMart, KMart and Target for a pocketbook for me. I use a string wallet most all the time. It holds the basics. I just can't carry all that weight around. I usually have a pocket book that will hold the wallet plus meds, tissue, comb, lipstick, lip balm and bandaids... a basic first aid kit :-) The pocketbook is mainly used for day trips... for travel and stays in the truck. The last one, made of nylon lasted for five or six years.

I started my shopping journey at Sears. Oh My! I could not believe the bags I saw. They were so gaudy and looked something like the bags from the late 60's into the 70's. A colorful print would be fine with me, but not these gaudy prints and none were the size I needed... I didn't need a large tote size.

Then I dropped into Pic N Pay and Shoes for Less... nothing any better. Then I went into Dillards. Pricey even gaudier pocketbooks there. One was priced $99 dollars and honestly, I would not even have bought it if it were .99¢

Then I went to J C Penney. They usually have a good selection. There bags looked a bit better, but didn't have all the pockets I wanted to keep everything sorted. My last stop was Belk's. They too had the gaudy pricey pocketbooks. Then I noticed the ones that were on the clearance shelves. Some were quilted and looked nice and had several pockets. Then I spotted a canvas one. It had lots of pockets. The original price was $48 and the mark-down price was $23.99. Not bad... a bit more than the quilted pocketbooks, but it appeared to be sturdier. I decided to get it especially since an additional 50% would be taken off at the register. For $11.99 I got a pocketbook that should last for years.

Of course I had to look at the clothing to see what was on special. I found a couple of pair of capri pants for $14.99 each... I would never pay the original $30 price.

Before taxes the total was $41.97. I saved $66.03. To hate shopping so much I think I did well :-)

I do like to browse through antique, junk and thrift shops... that is totally different than shopping for something that is a necessity :-)

As I composed this I kept trying to use the words purse and handbag, but from my Southern upbringing comes the word pocketbook and so that is what my fingers typed :-)


  1. You really did good for someone who hates shopping :)

  2. Obviously diligence pays off.

    Big time.

    you found a pocketbook that was functional and good looking.

  3. I hate those tacky bags to. I like TJ Maxx for purses. They have a wide range of styles and prices. Glad you found one that works for you.
    I love to shop for anything except clothes.

  4. I am like you I can not carry much weight around. You found some great bargains. It is nice that you were able to spend time with your Mom too. I know it lifted her spirit. Have a great week end.

  5. Atfirst I thought you were talking about a Billfold, then I realized you must mean a purse or handbag. It is really hard to find what you want even though they have lots of options. Most of them are big enough for an overnight bag!

    If you want to get me started about shopping, just talk about trying to find dress clothes for a 73 year old lady! Everything is made for size 4 sixteen year olds!

    You did a good job even though you don't like shopping. I like to shop but it's aggravating to not be able to find what you like.

  6. I love to bargain shop, especially when I have a little money and no one calling me or anywhere to be. I love the quilted pocketbooks, I love lots of pockets so I can know where everything is. Right now I am carrying on my sister made for me, though made from a Volkswagen print.
    I LOVE your water shots! i will have to check out the Shoot out!
    Thanks for your prayers! Les has had back surgery, he has a stimulator but It is not keeping the pain down right now, I think some of it is stress from his Dad's situation.
    I hope things go better around your house, too, I pray for you and Frank often!

  7. Hi Zaroga, I hope you are doing fine and will have a great week. Really nice job for someone who hates shopping :)

  8. Well it sounds like you are definitely falling apart just like this ole' lady!! Why do we have to do this stuff? I know you are tired of doctors...who isn't? My shots did kind of help my foot pain but the knee pain is still there. i just have to keep going i guess..Hope that things get better..We can only HOPE right?


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