Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Garden - Amaryllis

I hope all of you are having or have had a great Easter. It is a beautiful day here. The temperature is warm, but not humid, and rather pleasant. The sun goes behind a cloud now and then and the breeze blows ever so gently.

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Frank and I went to WalMart this morning. I found the Dark Chocolate Jello Pudding again. They had four packs of them and I was selfish and bought all four. The sell by date is June 29, 2009... but they won't be around that long. I so needed a good chocolate dessert... after all that Chocolate on The Brain

Frank baked fresh pork boston butt roasts on the grill yesterday. Enough for dinner today and tomorrow and plenty to put in the freezer. I baked a Squash Casserole and roasted asparagus with a bit of olive oil and raspberry balsamic vinegar. We were too full to eat any homemade whole wheat bread (more on the bread tomorrow).

Frank planted the tomatoes the other day. He planted several different types. That way if one got a disease maybe another would be resistant to it. He got one grape tomato plant. I am looking forward to them. I usually place them in a bowl or basket on the counter and we snack on them. Here are some from a previous year.

Luscious Tomatoes

The tomatoes are between the cane poles. Later on those poles will be needed to help support the plants.

We had a salad with the lettuce and onions the other day. It was very good.

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The potatoes are leafing out really well too. The carrot tops are getting bigger too. Nothing like fresh vegetables!

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In the flower bed... the amaryllis are blooming. They are very beautiful this year.

I still haven't bought plants for my flower pots or for the flower beds. Maybe sometime next week.

Frank and I went for a long walk Friday and yesterday. The back of Frank's right knee is hurting him. He thinks just because his muscles have been lazy. The extra work has my knee hurting some. My right knee cap went all wonker-sided a few years ago and I had to have surgery on it. It is much better now, but sometimes it doesn't like a lot of work or little work or the weather. So we will take a couple days off from long walks... just go for the short ones.

It has been nice to go over a week without going to the doctor's office. Frank did have to call the doctor's office for a prescription. Tuesday is the oncologist surgeon appointment.

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The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. -- Hanna Rion

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  1. You are making me hungry talking about vegetables in the garden! It is a beautiful day here in GA. I've been walking around the woods by the creek myself this afternoon.

  2. We are still dreaming of planting around here. It's still just too cold to go there yet! Looking forward to sunny 75* days here sometime in the future!


  3. It started out nice and sunny here but as the day wore on it got very cloudy.
    Your garden looks so nice. Where are the weeds?? lol

  4. Looks like you had a nice restful day! Your garden is adorable and those tomatos, wow! Those look perfect.


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