Friday, April 24, 2009

Yesterday - Faithful Fridays With Joy - Show and Tell Friday

Yesterday was my turn for the doctor. I've been feeling a little more tired that usual. First step was an EKG. It was fine. Next step is blood work. That was fun.... four tubes and my blood decides it will just trickle out. It took forever, but the nurse really didn't want to stick me again.

I was also given samples of Ambien CR. I took one of them last night and it was just a really weird night. I'm not so sure that I slept any better than I have been.

I go back in a week. Frank all ready had an appointment scheduled for then and our doctor wanted me to join him. Our family doctor is treating us as a couple. I think he thinks we are so close together that it is the best way to treat us :-) I usually ask Frank to come with me to my appointments because one word said from the doctor can send my mind on a tangent and I miss something that was said. I sometimes forget to ask questions... but have learned to type my questions out and then the doctor goes over the list with me.

Yesterday was my 100th post of my blog. I'm sorry to say that there is no giveaway at this time. Maybe on my 200th post or year anniversary or maybe just out of the wild blue.

Faithful Fridays

Frank and I are really blessed to have each other. I'm grateful that we compliment each other so well.

I'm thankful for blue skies and trees that give fruit.

I'm grateful there are medications that help me breathe when the pecan trees are in bloom.

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Click on the picture below to join us in Show & Tell Friday over at Kelli's. Kelli is showing some of her bibles.

Show and Tell

You may have noticed this broach in the picture of my Red Goose Shoes in yesterdays post.

The Christmas I was eight years old I was given a small amount of money (probably fifty cent) to buy myself something. I bought this broach at Rosenburgs. It was normally an expensive store, but at Christmas they would set counter bins up outside the door of the business and have jewelry on sale.... like three pieces for a dollar. The stones have fallen off the broach so many times. Then I super glued them onto the piece and they have stayed in place. The paint was gone from the broach and I made the piece look a bit gaudy by painting it. I've always liked the piece and wore it on my winter coats for many years. Now it sits in my Amish made cabinet with many other treasures.


  1. Maybe as you build up a supply of Ambien in your system, it will help better.
    Your photo of the pecan tree reminded me of all those "squiggles" that used to fall this time of year.
    I love your pin and the sweet story you told of buying it.
    Hope you and Frank can enjoy the weekend.

  2. We always see our family doctor together. It keeps us honest if theres something we don't want to tell him the other one will.
    I love your pin. It's so special when we have something like that from when we were kids.

  3. I think it's great that you two are so close! I am also sorry you're not feeling well now either. I hope they get you better soon!

    I do love all your photos and all the things for which you're thankful! I had to smile at the medicine you can take for when things are in bloom! I'm sure my son, Colt, feels the same way!

    Jason was on Ambien and it didn't really do much for him sleeping either. And I've recently heard of people doing weird things while taking it. A friend of mine shaved off her eyebrows completely and never remembered doing any of it! Jason was just on it temporarily though, so not sure how it would be long term.

    Have a great weekend, Zaroga, and thanks for participating in Joy's Faithful Fridays. We haven't gotten our posts up yet for today.


  4. Sorry, Zaroga, that was me, Tammy posting above. Joy was signed in to my computer checking her comments and I forgot!


  5. I sure hope you feel better soon. I think allergies have been on the rise more so this year than ever before. My husband went to a pulmonary doctor yesterday because he has had a cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing for quite a while. Dr. said he thinks it triggered asthma....didn't know you could get it when you're older! I love this broach. My mother and aunts had many that I wish I had now. It's funny when you are younger you don't appreciate things and don't want them, but oh I'd give a pretty penny for them right now. Have a great weekend....hopefully you will be much, much better!

  6. Hope you and Frank get to felling better soon! I like the brooch. We all have much to be thankful for!

  7. Oh I love your brooch! I have several pieces of my Grandmother's jewelry like this...nothing fancy, but beautiful nonetheless! :) Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I always think it is so nice when we keep something special from our chilhood. It is a vert pretty pin. I am sure it holds nice memories for you.


  9. I had a prescription for the Ambien CR but when they told me how much it was going to cost I said forget it. I knew a lady who took it and she got up in the night and did strange things that she couldn't remember the next day. She took lots of other stuff too tho.

  10. I loved the broch story. Some of my favorite things are things my kids have given me and not cost a lot of money. One of my fovorite things is an ugly little blue vase with tiny pearls all over it and vines painted on it. I found it at a local swap meet many years ago and paid two dollars for it.

    Mountain Mama

  11. I came to see your Show and Tell which is a sweet little pin. Nice that you still have it after all these years.
    My husband has been having sleep issues which makes him think he has more wrong with him. He had bloodwork, a colonscopy, an endoscopy, x-rays-nothing alarming. I think he should try a sleep center next to see if he has sleep apnea that is waking him up at night.
    Good luck to you two!

  12. Hi Zaroga,
    What a beautiful jade broach pin. Congrats on reaching your 100th post.. Today I posted my 100th. I will keep you and your Husband in my thoughts and prayers for your appointments next week. Praying all turns out well for both.
    Thanks for sharing your treasure and Have a blessed weekend.

  13. You know I can totally picture you two so close and so attached to the hip in a very sweet way. I love hearing how you and Frank support each other. I'm sorry you are feeling strange these days.

    I love that brooch! The color in it is so beautiful!

    Congrats on your 100th post! Oh and no I won't come clean your house. LOL! It's hard enough doing mine. I'm supposed to be cleaning even now and see, distracted. Lol!

    Have a great weekend, Zaroga!

  14. Zaroga, I hope you feel better soon - and are able to sleep well!

    I had to go back and see your little shoes- I missed seeing them somehow. So cute!
    And I love the color in this piece- looks like green pears. So pretty!:)

    Hope you have a good weekend- looks like a rainy one here--

    Linda C

  15. I think it is wonderful that you still have and treasure this little pin...I would have picked it myself...



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