Friday, April 3, 2009

Faithful Fridays With Joy - My EGD

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Faithful Fridays

I'm thankful for todays blue skies and wispy clouds.

A lot of rain fell over the last few days, so the sunshine, blue skies and wispy clouds are most welcome. The light wind is welcome to help dry the waters. I am thankful that no one was hurt during the flash flooding.

I am thankful that I was able to make it through my upper endoscopy (EGD). I have asthma and sometimes the weather can make it difficult to breathe. The lady next to me in the holding area had an asthma attack and was not able to do her test. Thankfully her inhaler got her to breathing normal. I would have been in trouble if I had had an asthma attack. I left my inhaler at home.

My test went okay for the most part. The Nissen Wrap I had a couple of years ago is coming undone, which mean that acid reflux will probably be hitting me hard again some day. There was no stomach ulcer. The way I am feeling I thought I had the beginnings of one. There was a red streak that the doctor took a biopsy from and he took another from the lower part of my stomach. It will be a few days before I get the results. My stomach was not empty, so that means my stomach is slow to empty. He suggested I eat six small meals a day... I do that most days anyway. I am to decide if I want to try the drug Reglan. It has some not-so-good side effects and one is lip smacking... and when the med is stopped the lip smacking doesn't stop... now isn't that something to think about? I will have an appointment with the doctor in mid May.


We did a few errands today. One was to go by Sears and buy Frank some britches. He has lost about 20 lbs since his surgery. Oh... Frank's appointment was changed from next Thursday to a week from this coming Tuesday... we have over a week with no doctor appointments :-)

Frank bought some dark room supplies. He got a hair cut... he was beginning to look a bit shaggy. We bought some bird seed at Tractor Supply and a wire brush... a $10 off coupon made it a bit cheaper to feed the birds. Then to the bank... I ordered me a new ATM card. My other one was deactivated after I hadn't used it in so long. We had a full day.

We came back home for our midday dinner between errands. Yesterday Frank cooked chicken leg quarters and I made up dumpling dough for chicken and dumplings. Having it all ready made dinner quick and easy to put together.

Carla over at A Mellow Life Is A Good Life asked if I had posted my biscuit recipe yet. Carla I haven't. I have it written out somewhere and I will try and find it. Maybe I can think to have Frank to take pictures next time I make biscuits. I dont' make them often like I used to... so don't hold your breath on seeing it any time soon :-)


Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time. -- Martin Luther



  1. Zaroga,

    I am thankful for blue skies too! I'm glad you have your endoscopy behind you and I hope (and will pray) that your biopsy comes back with a good report!

    Joy will be excited to see you participated in Faithful Fridays. She wasn't on the computer much today. We've had a busy week.

    Have a great weekend, Zaroga!

  2. I guess you will have to make biscuits just to get pictures, LOL! Maybe I should just scrap your recipes for the challenges at 3S, I usually cut a paste from a cooking site! I do have a good recipe this month, I just need to bake it so I can get a picture. Maybe you should take a few pictures of what you cook and send them my way, LOL!
    I would have a problem eating 6 times a day! If I have 1 decent meal and a couple of snacks I do well, Good luck with the results. I am happy you get a doctor break!

  3. First, I love your quote-do you think of these on your own or do you use a generator? They are always wonderful.
    Glad your EGD went well, and that you and Frank are doing well, sounds like you had a nice day shopping.
    Thank goodness for the nice weather:)
    Wow, over a week with no doc appts? What will you do with your time?
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    (please let me know when you do the biscuits, I won't hold my breath, but I sure don't want to miss it:)

  4. Glad you both get a break from dr.'s for a week. I hope you will get a good report from the biopsy. I would think hard and possibly google a video of the lip smacking from Reglan. I believe Mother had this side effect and she also gritted her teeth badly.
    Your photo of the sky is so pretty and relaxing. I hope you both will enjoy tomorrow - maybe the sunshine will continue.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for participating!!!! I'm glad everything went well.

    Love, Joy =D


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