Monday, April 27, 2009

Bargains - Coupons - Special Offers

Do you search for coupons and Special Offers?

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a free sample of Total Cranberry Crunch cereal. Here is the package. The flip side has my address... this side made for a better picture ;-)

Inside the package was a coupon and a half cup sample of the cereal... which made a nice snack. The cereal tasted pretty good and with a good price and the coupon I'd buy it.

You can get your sample here.

I signed up for a free roll of foil from Reynold's Wrap... the new recycled product... on Earth Day. I have to purchase a roll by May 4th then send the rebate form in. Trouble is... I haven't found a store that has it in stock. With luck we'll find it.

Reynold's does not have this offer any more, but they do offer a 5o¢ coupon here.

If I ever find the product I will place it in our travel trailer. I usually buy an industrial size roll for the kitchen. Frank uses a lot for grilling. In the kitchen I mostly use the non-stick foil. A lot of times I can just wipe the foil off and use it several times... like when I bake frozen biscuits. The foil gets recycled right along with the aluminum cans.

Pillsbury usually has coupons in the Sunday newspaper, but you can also register at their site and print coupons from there.

Here is a product that perhaps one would not like to talk about, Poise Pads. The coupon savings there is usually $2.00.

Dove Hair Care has a free sample offer of either Heat Defense Therapy or Intense Damage Therapy.

Often the drug store is the place to buy such things as vitamins. At regular price they can cost more there than at discount stores, but catch a sale of buy one get one free and it can be a lot less than the discount store.

If you use some name brands all the time check their web site for coupons. A $2 coupon from Post Trail Mix Crunch. A 55¢ coupon on Banana Nut Cheerios . How about a $1 savings on Hershey's Bliss . Nestle... makers of carnation milk... has monthly coupon offers. Save 60¢ on Jello Sugar Free Jello or Pudding. and are other place to get coupons. Your favorite magazines may also offer coupons on their web sites. If you don't want to do the keyboard work you can sign up free at a site like

Some web sites may require you to register. I use a email address for such things and that easily separates them from family and other emails.

Wherever you print your coupons from... make sure you have ink and paper in your printer and that the printer is turned on. With some coupons you are only allowed to print one.

Don't forget to check your bank for bargains. Do you let your CDs and IRAs just roll over? You can sometimes get a better rate... just go by your bank or call and see if a higher rate is available when the account has matured... with our bank we have within 10 days of the maturity date to change the interest rate. I also suggest you take time to get to know the personnel of your bank... It makes a difference.

Silver Dollar

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share all these good sites and tips.

  2. Thanks for the info on the free samples.

    Mountain Mama

  3. You dogwood pic at the top reminds so much of home.Have a great day.

  4. I used to save coupons but have not done so in a while. I ended up having to toss most of them because of an expired date. If you are very careful you can save a lot, especially if the item is already on sale.

  5. Zaroga,

    I need to do more coupon and bargain shopping. I know it does make a difference! Thanks for sharing all your tips and finds!

    Have a great Weds!

  6. I've done this a couple of times but I never know where to look. Now I do thanks to you!! What a wise way to shop. :) Thank you for the tips!

  7. I do not use coupons as I forget to take them in. lol. Have a great day.


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