Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Wishes

Just a note wishing each of you a safe and Happy Easter!

The picture below is of me on Easter day when I was nine years old. Our house had blue asbestos shingles. Many of the chips on the shingles were from our baseballs hitting them. Somehow we missed the window

My dress is pink... probably my socks too. My sister's dress was blue. It seems like when we were growing up most of the Easter dresses were either pink or blue. My sister and I would swap the colors each year.

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  1. Happy easter to you too!
    You look so adorable. My MOM did not take many photos. So I do not have any of me like this.

  2. Happy Easter to you too Zaroga.

  3. Happy Easter to you! I remember those dresses and you are right about the pink and blue. Cute picture!
    I answered your question but in case you didn't get the message...the pictures were taken in Pierce and Appling Counties.

  4. Awww...Zaroga, you look so sweet! I remember my Easters and Easter dresses too! I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter! :)


  5. How cute were you!! I have almost that same picture of myself. I will post it tomorrow..I had the same thing usually a light pink dress. My grandmother used to buy the dresses for me and the cute little suits for my brother. My parents could not afford it...
    Thanks for stopping by!! Always nice!!

  6. Pink and blue, I had two daughters 16 months apart and it seems I always got the older one blue and the younger one pink. Even when I bought them dolls and other stuff. Happy Easter to you too,

    Mountain Mama

  7. This is a wonderful share! TY! You have a Blessed Easter, too!


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