Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update - Baby Carolina Chickadees

Frank finished the Octreotide injections last Saturday. That didn't work out too well. During the night... really very early Sunday morning where the jp drain became a big blister (Frank says it looked like a nipple.. which is true) and you could see fluid under his skin to the side of where the drain had been. It really needed to be lanced.

The doctor's answering service said no one was on call. Well... that just doesn't happen! The emergency room would be a long wait... so Frank lanced the blister himself. He alchol swabbed the area and used a sterile syringe to lance it. Boy did it drain!

The doctor isn't in his office on Mondays. We went by there anyway and left a message with one of the doctor's nurses. No phone call from his office until Tuesday. The nurse calls back several times on Tuesday and then again about 2:30 and says the doctor wants to see you now. Well she should have just said 4 o'clock and saved us some waiting time. It was almost 5:30 when we saw the doctor.

The doctor said that Frank should go back on the octreotide... maybe for several more months. There is a once a month injection and we are trying to get that set up. Pharmacies don't order this med much here. The once a month injection is only through name brand name and not the generic octreotide name... so more confusion. What is strange is that Frank had to do this research and not the doctor's office. We both think the doctor is a good doctor, but his office management isn't the best. The doctor said that he was on call Sunday and doesn't know what was up with the answering service and he would check into it.

Frank will have the daily injection meds tomorrow. We have been changing the bandage several times a day and Frank even had to change it during the night last night. This process of healing just seems never-ending. Your prayers would be appreciated.


The other day I opened the bird box when I was sure no parent was in there feeding the chicks and took a couple of pictures. The pictures aren't very good.... so hard to get the camera at a decent angle. The four Carolina Chickadee babies were sleeping. I won't take more pictures because I don't want to interupt their feeding. The parents are coming often today with food...



  1. Interesting to see the baby Chickadees up close!

    Sorry Frank is having so much trouble. Seems like you never can see a doctor right when you need to. Hope there are better times ahead!

    Love & Prayers,

  2. Sorry to hear about the problems with Franks Doctor. I have learned that people need to question every thing when it has to do with Doctors and your health. I am convinced nobody knows your body like yourself. Doctors are not Gods and I believe medcine and doctoring is not an exact science.

    Mountain Mama

  3. I will keep Frank in my prayers. Bless his heart he is sure going through it.

  4. Oh my gosh, poor Frank! He has certainly been through a lot lately. Both of you have. I will definitely keep you both in my prayers. Also, I have never heard of there not being a doctor on call, ever! That's ridiculous!

    Those chicadees are SO ADORABLE!!! I will have to post the story of the baby sparrow I rescued and is now a pet (we even let him go and he came back). I think I will. :)

  5. So sorry for Frank's latest set back. Dr.'s office staff can certainly ruin your day. It's a constant battle to stay on top of things, isn't it? I keep you both in my prayers Zaroga.
    Thanks for the sweet birdie photos.

  6. I'll be praying for Frank and hopefully smoother sailing from here.

    My, those little birds have a nice fluffy nest! Looks comfy for them:)

    Linda C

  7. I will keep praying for Frank! I so hope he can heal so you two might can make it the the Festival of Flowers at the end of June. Our Vacation Bible school is also that week so it will be busy!
    I had asked you about if you were related to Wayne Goff here in town. I got the news he has fast growing Lung cancer and the chemo was too hard on him so remember him in your prayers, his wife is my Mom's cousin.
    I am pretty sure the young bird is a house finch
    I found an image here
    it is on right toward the middle of the page.
    I hope you are feeling good!

  8. I just love seeing new babies like this born then learn how to much fun..Like you are being let in on something very special for sure.
    I am so sorry to hear about all the health problems that your Frank is having. That doctor should have been on call or someone..that is not at all right. Maybe look for a new doctor? That is what I finally did and am really happy now..Our doctors office was like a fort or took forever to get through..Crazy...Sandy

  9. You both will certainly be in my prayers. Sorry Frank is having such a problem.


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