Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday David!

David is our son. We were stationed at Ft. Benning Georgia and lived out in the boonies of Alabama at Bluff Creek when he was born. It was a bit of a drive to the hospital... about 40 minutes maybe (too hard to remember for sure now). Our car had to have work done to it all the time. Frank worked on it the evening before. He was nice and watched Sonja while he worked on it. I was not feeling very well the evening before David was born. I didn't feel well most of my pregnancy with him... morning sickness (all hours of the day) for nine months and everything gave me indigestion. I would eat, get sick and go back and eat and somehow I managed to gain 18 lbs... 9 lbs and 3+ ozs were David. Colonel Burke, the head of that section of the hospital delivered David. He told me I was the Mama of a Beatle... David had a lot of dark hair. He was born at 6:11 am... I went into labor at about 3 am. So there wasn't much sleep. Our landlady kept Sonja.

David has a killer smile and lots of charm. He has always had friends... of all different ages. David is tall; 6'4". I think it is a bit over that :-) When in school he was always pushed to play basketball and football. He didn't want to do either and that was fine with us.

He was a delight for the most part when he was growing up. At one time doctors thought he was hyperactive. They did some sort of test and determined he was just "over active". David is like my Daddy was... he can't be still. Sometimes that was a bit hard to deal with.

David liked to play with his imitation matchbox cars, imitation transformers, imitation Star Wars saber and his toy soldiers. He also had a Tonka dump truck that he loved to play with when he was small... an actual name brand :-) We couldn't afford many name brands.

David also loved toy guns. One time when he was three years old he disappeared on me while I was shopping in a discount store. I wasn't worried because I knew where he had disappeared to. In the minute he was gone a store worker found him playing with the toy guns. Of course she had it announced over the loud speaker that she found a five year old boy named David. I went to the customer service desk and it was my David who had lied about his age. He was tall enough to be five... so maybe he didn't lie maybe the worker just took a guess at his age not believing he was three.

In his teen years David started collecting NASCAR cars. He is a big fan. He did not get that from me or Frank. I used to try and watch with Daddy, but I just thought it was very boring watching cars being driven around a track.

David is a hard worker. He worked with me for a couple years when I worked at Family Dollar when we lived in Virginia. I have worked with both my children and I am proud of both of their work ethics. We did something right :-)

Frank retired from the Army after 20 years. We did not move back to Georgia immediately after his retirement. We waited until David graduated from high school. David wasn't too keen on the idea of moving to Georgia, but he couldn't survive on his own yet, so he came to Georgia with us. In no time at all he was talking like he had lived here all his life.

David trained in diesel mechanics. He always liked to take things apart... when he was little he didn't always get them back together.

One time when he was about four years old he took apart his Fisher-Price tv... like the one pictured above. Fisher-Price toys were about indestructible back then. His Daddy couldn't get it back together either.

David likes the outdoors. He isn't as much on fishing like his sister. He worked for a while at a garage and then he worked at a boat manufacturing plant keeping their equipment going.

He now works for The Pool Store in Valdosta Georgia and has a beautiful wife. David works many hours, but seems to like his work.

David for the longest time was my little boy. I still think or him that way at times... even though he is a grown man.

Today I wish him the Happiest of Birthdays!



  1. HAppy Birthday, to Zaroga's little boy/man, David. I love other's birthday's not so much my own. Party On!

  2. Interesting!! Happy Birthday to David!

  3. Sweet memories and I wish David a happy birthday too.

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  5. Happy birthday David! May 40 come slowly.

  6. Happy Birthday David! What a fun story to read...Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Happy Birthday to David! As I was reading I was thinking he has a lot in common with Jeremy except 2 main things, "J" is small, about 5'6" and he put stuff together...Puzzles, he was always super at puzzles!
    That brings back good memories!

  8. Happy Birthday to David!! I think of my sons as my "boys" too- hard to believe they are young men now. But so proud of them as I know you are of David!!

    Sweet post, Zaroga:)



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