Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Trap - A Few Photos

I am late getting dressed this morning. Something that happens often. I will sometimes start cleaning the house while I am still in my pajamas. I won't be doing any house cleaning today.

I need to try to wear my bra again. It has been ten days since I've worn one. If I were flat-chested I wouldn't worry about it, but I'm not flat-chested.

It is now 8:40 am and I have my pull-on shorts on. Elastic waist shorts are good sometimes. Now for the bra. I manage to get the strap upon my shoulder. Of course where the strap normally lies is right where one of the incisions is that the surgeon made. The incision is covered with three pieces of tape. It looks like blood is underneath them. The surgeon said Wednesday to wait about a week to remove them. I'll probably do that Tuesday morning.

Here is the bad quality photo of my wounds. Only four incisions plus the slit at my elbow, which is quite a bit uglier and a picture won't be posted here of that. Aren't surgery techniques amazing nowadays.

Since where the normal placement of the strap is where the incision is I try pulling the strap up just a bit higher up... lower and it will be in a place sorer than the incision. A place where I assume a piece of arthritic bone was shaved off. The strap is pulling too much. I need to let the strap out to lengthen it. This of course means I have to take the bra off because the adjustment is on the back of the strap.

I manage to get the contraption off. I have now shortened the word contraption to trap; a confinement... something of the devil it seems.

I find the adjustment and it doesn't seem to want to budge. It has been over a year in the same position and just does not want to move. A bit more yanking and I finally get it to move.

Okay, it is now let out as far as it will go. I struggle and get the trap back on me and pull the strap into a position that isn't as painful as the original. I put on my blouse.

Just like the first training bra I ever wore this trap is going to take some getting used to... a bit of practice.

It is now 8:55 am. My shoulder is burning, but not to quite flaming burning... I am sure it will reach that point any minute.

It is now 9:15 am. I am putting away the dishes that were placed in the drainboard the night before. (That is housework and not housecleaning ;0) I can now lighten Frank's burden a bit) Frank has returned from fishing with his Dad. His Dad caught one small catfish and Frank said he got only one nibble on his lines.

I tell Frank my morning news... that I managed to get my bra on. He wonders why I need one. I tell him I need the practice in case I go with him to Wal*Mart tomorrow and for my physical therapy session next Tuesday. Frank states that I probably won't be able to wear it long. I told him we will see.

It is 10:40 am and I'm uncomfortable.... maybe I'll take it off. The burning has become an ache.

NO! I will keep trying.

I decided to walk around the yard before dinner. I am anticipating the day I can use my other cameras. I'm not that fond of this pocket camera. It's best quality is that it will fit in a pocket.

After walking around the yard I sit at the computer and see how many blurs I got... I got lots. The white and brown moths I found sleeping were a blur and so were the cayenne peppers. Frustration sat in as I edited these photos.

First thing on my walk were these sweet banana peppers.

Sweet Banana Pepper

Then came a bunch of blurry pictures of moths and cayenne peppers.

This tomato photo didn't turn out too bad though.

Tomatoes on the Vine

The colors of the Sony A700 camera are more vibrant than this little pocket camera. I am really missing it.

This is our first squash in the garden. Frank can't get them to grow in this garden spot very well. Usually the bores get them. This year we may get a few squash.

Yellow Summer Squash

Then I turn around and I found this little anole, which is in its brown coloring instead of its green, seeming to be so cool sitting on the angel's trumpet plant.

Anole Resting in the Shade of the Angel's Trumpet

The angel's trumpet plant looks a bit sickly. Maybe it needs fertilizer.

This shot is a bit blurry. It is a plum. I like plum wine, but can't drink it. I use it in cooking though. There aren't many plums this year, so no wine will be made. Frank eats plums; I don't. When I was a child I ate too many on a very hot summer day and got sick. I cannot bring myself to eat them even after forty something years have passed.


It is 1:45 pm. The pain changed to throbbing. I took some tylenol about 45 minutes ago and it seems to be calming the pain. So I will try longer to keep the trap on.

I had to stop before posting the photos. I was tired of sitting here. So another short walk around the yard was in order.

Our governor proclaimed a week or so ago that Georgia was out of the long drought. As I walk in the yard the grass crunches beneath my feet. The triple digit heat of last week has dried it. Rain is needed again. Even though we use well water and not city water for watering we don't water the grass. We water the garden and flowers. We have embraced " brown is beautiful" for our lawn.

It is almost 3:00 pm. Time for another break from the computer and another walk about the yard.

It is a bit after 5:00 pm now. At about 4:30 I called it quits with the trap. I was within a few minutes of eight hours wearing it... about par for most days for me. I took a relaxing shower. Aaah life is better!

I am doing much better than a week ago... so progress is being made. Not as fast as I wish, but it is happening. One day I might learn patience while being a patient. It just does not come easy to me.


  1. Oh Zaroga, It's hard to be patient. I know you must be so miserable. I'll be glad when you are feeling a lot better but I think you are making good progress. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. It sounds like your doing good. It took me 10 months to hook my bra after my surgery!

  3. Hang in there, Zaroga! I know you are going to be so much better when your shoulder heals.

  4. Thanks for the chuckle. You are to cute. Glad you are making progress. Why wear a trap when you don't have to.

  5. I really enjoyed this post! maybe a strapless or one of the convertible would have been nice, LOL! I can't do without mine either, I had to wear a sportsbra after I had hand surgery in '99, it was that or have Les or Gina fasten me up for the 6 or 7 weeks I was in a split with my fingers locked, That's why I have messed up joints now.
    You still got some nice photos!


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