Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catching Up - Award - Giveaway

Isn't it hard to catch up on things after being gone a few days? I've caught up on the laundry, but it will be back tomorrow :-) I've weeded a flower bed and dead-headed a few plants. I'm going through my messy table that I use as a desk and filing and throwing away things. I've got a soup.. maybe more of a stew going. The veggies are chunky. It will last us a couple of days and some will probably be frozen.

Frank prepared the veggies for the stew. He dug potatoes from the garden yesterday and some are in the pot. He harvested onions from the garden too and they are in the pot. I've added carrots and green beans to the pot along with chicken that Frank cooked yesterday and chopped up. Don't I have the best husband... I think so :-)

Frank also washed the travel trailer today. That is a job! The sun has finally showed its head and there is a slight breeze so it shouldn't take long for the awnings to dry.


Tammy at Creative Thoughts was kind enough to give me this One Lovely Blog award. Thank you, Tammy! Tammy is into scrap booking and has an adorable blog. I can never pick who to share awards with... since I think all of your blogs that I read are Lovely please feel free to grab the award.

One Lovely Blog Award

The giveaway is from Michelle at Chocolate Marmalade and Tea . She has an adorable blog too. If you want to participate in her great Summer Giveaway just reply to her post, Summer Giveaway . The deadline is June 15th.



  1. Congrats of the blog award! Your Frank sounds like a sweetie! ALMOST as sweet as my Jeep! ☺

    Lunch sounds good! We just finished Brunch at 12 noon. Going to a fifties school reunion this afternoon.

  2. Glad you are getting some sunshine. The stew you and Frank created sounds very good and won't it be nice when you get hungry to already have something prepared?

  3. That is amazing to get caught up on things. I do not know if I will ever get that way. You so deserve a great award you have a wonderful blog.

  4. Yummy, your soup or stew sounds good.
    Our tomatos will be coming soon. Nothing like home grow veggies.

    Mountain Mama

  5. What a wonderfully busy day you've had! Wish I could say I've done something that productive.


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