Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gladiola -- Apron

After we got home Thursday morning from our trip to Reed Bingham State Park Frank went out the front gate. He looked to his right; which is where the flower bulb garden is and said: "we have a gladiola blooming". Me: "a gladiola? I didn't know we had any gladiolas". I looked and sho'nuff there was a beautiful gladiola bloom. It was laying over on the neighboring iris's green stalks. The plant ain't much to look at, but the blooms are beautiful. Yesterday there was another stalk of blooms opening, so I cut them and brought them in the house to enjoy.



Frank said that years back that he planted some gladiolas, but they never did anything. Maybe this one will prosper and we will enjoy their blooms for years to come.


Judy at Daily Yarns 'n More sewed me an apron. Isn't it beautiful! Thank you so much, Judy!

Me Sporting My New Apron

I should have brushed my hair and put on makeup (one of these years my left droopy eye will droop enough for insurance to pay for it to be fixed). We had just come in from visiting Frank's folks and shopping at Sam's Club... so a little tired. I had my hair whacked off a week and a half ago so with the surgery I can take care of my hair one-handed a lot easier. I don't usually ask for my picture to be taken, but I wanted to show off my beautiful apron to the world!

I love the prints, colors and the pattern... the pockets! The edges are scalloped and gives it a really nice look... a girly look that this tomboy doesn't do enough. I love it! Frank likes it too. He said a lot of work went into it and that I got the better end of the deal.

A few weeks ago Judy posted a photo of a quilt she had made. I told her that I had some quilt books and all I was asking for them was shipping cost. She said she would love to have the books. Judy offered to make me an apron. How could I turn that down! Judy is a very busy lady and I don't know where she found the time. Yes, Judy I will think of you every time I wear the apron and every time I see the apron. I will find a place to hang it in my kitchen... where it will be handy.

Judy, you didn't have to pay for the shipping of the books. The apron is enough payment. I will give the cash to a charity.



  1. The glads are so pretty Zaroga. I also love the apron. What a pretty print and I love pockets too. Your shorter hair style is very attractive and will be so nice and easy while you are recovering. Have a nice day.

  2. Cute Apron! And I love your new hair cut!! It makes you look younger!

  3. You are so welcome...I am so glad you like it...I always worry about that because everyone has different taste in things...and yes I did have to pay for those books. You can give it to charity or have lunch on me, my treat :).
    I too love your hair cut.

  4. HUH!! glad that you liked my post!! That is a word that we hear all of the time here with my dad!! I know you have a lot on your plate right now but don't let you ears go too long.
    Pretty apron..something I never wear any more..

  5. Love the apron! Great mix of prints! I still am fond of the colors that make me think of the 70's! I am glad you posed for your photo!

  6. Gladiolas are one of my favorite flowers.
    I loved the futon part. I once had to put one together by myself. All I had was a screw driver and a pair of pliers. But by golly I did it.

    Mountain Mama


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