Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rain - Shopping


Much needed rain came this afternoon by way of thunder storms. Our electricity went out for an hour or so. It has blinked off and on since. I hope it stays on. It would be hard getting to sleep with it so warm. How did I ever make it through most of my childhood without air conditioning! I am a spoiled child :-)

I did go with Frank to Wal* Mart this morning. The shopping was not bad. The buggy only squeaked a little. It was not pleasant standing in the checkout line. We were in the 20 items or less lane and of course it was slower than a hound dog in August. While waiting someone did announce that another register was opening up... I think it was #21. We are at register #3. Just not worth the walk over there and be the same number in line. I think it was about 8 am that we were checking out.

The trap was tolerated better today. I made it until 5:30 pm :-) No I will not talk about anything and everything in my blog... just some things :-)

Tomorrow will be laundry day and I'll see how much of it or any of it I can do. I did fold some laundry one-handed the other day. Some things I know I won't be able to fold.

One day I'll do something exciting again... so hang in there with me.



  1. I think you are making good progress Zaroga. Just getting out of the house will slowly make you feel better/stronger. Glad your plants got some rain today. We are getting thunder but no rain yet. Hope you sleep soundly tonight.

  2. Glad you got out for a bit to Wally world! I'm ever so grateful for the rain, what a blessing.
    Keep on keepin on!

  3. I've never understood why large stores like WalMart make checking out so difficult when they've made shopping so easy. Checking out is the last memories I have of the store and the lasting impression I take away with me.

  4. Hi Zaroga,

    Wow, thunderstorms...I kinda love 'em but the lightening scares me. :) Sounds like you're getting around and about well. Glad you are feeling better these days!

    Lots of hugs...



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