Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out -- Random

I took a lot of pictures the other day. Unfortunately most were blurry :-(

Warning: there is a spider photo.

The first three shots were all I got out of my endeavor this week. They aren't the best.

Horace's Duskywing Skipper
Horace's Duskywing Skipper "Erynnis horatius"

Ladybug on Tomato Plant
Ladybug on Tomato Plant

Ladybug on Tomato Plant a bit closer
Ladybug on Tomato Plant

The rest of the photos are photos I have taken in years past. They are some of my favorites.

Ladybug on Garden Mum... my favorite of all my photos.
Ladybug on Garden Mum - Explore 30 November 2007 #401

Anole - Explore 01 April 2008 #460

Blue Dasher Dragonfly smiling at me :-)
Blue Dasher - Explore 05 Septmeber2007 #500

Green Lynx Spider dining
Green Lynx Spider  "Peucetia viridans"

Newly Emerged Cicada...
one of the creatures you hear during our hot summers here in the South
Newly Emerged Cicada - Explore 23 July 2007 #416

Milkweed Assassin Bug.. its a good guy for the garden
Milkweed Assassin Bug (Zelus longipes)

Red Bellied Woodpecker
Red Bellied Woodpecker

Ash-Throated Flycatcher
Ash-Throated Flycatcher

Gas Pump
Gas Pump Sepia Tone - Explore 30 June 2007 #475


Portrait of Jerry Garcia...
I like it more for the potrait than the photo I took.
Portrait of Jerry Garcia - Explore 03 February 2007 #357

Colquitt County Georgia Courthouse...
I do like architecture, but don't take the opportunity to photograph it much.
Top of Colquitt County Georgia Courthouse

A Dad and Baby...
a scene I liked when we were at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, Pine Mt. GA
Dad & Baby

Sunset... Lake George near Ft. Gaines GA

Then there is FAMILY. My brother's family with Frank and me. Frank and my brother's wife, Linda, set the timers on the cameras and ran to be in the scene. What fun! You may click on this one for a larger view.

For a list of more participants in this challenge go to Friday Shoot-Outs . The list is located over on the right-hand side. Patty has done a blog to explain the rules at Friday "My Town" Shoot-Out and tells how it all started. Y'all come join in on the fun!



  1. G'day ...loved your Friday Shoot Out photos ..especially the lady beatle and the petrol pump..

    Sarah Lulu

  2. I love them all Zaroga!! That Jerry Garcia portrait on the hood of the car is really amazing. Great close ups of the lady bug. Are those grape tomatoes you're growing there? They look wonderful! I think my favorite is the same as yours........on the garden mum. The color and the detail in that shot is so vivid and beautiful!!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear and.........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. All your shots are FABBY! I am a ladybug /bird fan from way back. I loved the mum and little lady. Wonderful stuff. :D

  4. Super photos, and so colorful. Love that car portrait. I wish I had time to study the wildlife around here.

    It is nice to see some Georgia photos. I love the sunset and the court house. Great family you have there, too.

    Oh, I love the filtered photo. Something about old gas pumps...

    You have a great weekend down south. See you next week.

  5. Ok, I love that mum photo!!! You take such wonderful shots:) Great family photo also:)

  6. Extraordinary pictures this week Zaroga. You and Frank have a nice weekend.

  7. Hi Zarog, They are all wonderful photos. I love the Dragonflys face it is amazing to see. I try to photograph them too. But in the past I did not have my current camera so I had no luck. I hope some day to catch one up close like this. Have a great week end.

  8. Zaroga, these are all wonderful and I didn't see one blurry picture! I especially like the family picture, complete with the pets!!!

  9. Hi Zaroga! You photos are just amazing- I love seeing them. The colors in the ladybug pics are so bright- and did you tell the dragonfly to say "cheese" to get that smile??:) So fun...

    Have a great weekend dear friend,


  10. If you get two comments from me it's because my internet clicked off and I'm not sure it my last message posted or not :(

    Love all the bugs and especially the Lady bugs. Family group shots are fun and I love the daddy and baby.

    What camera and lens did you use on those bugs?

  11. Not the best????? You could have fooled me, Zaroga! They're fantastic! I do love the candid photo of the dad and baby! How precious! The details in your photos are awesome!


  12. Wow, Zaroga you truly amaze me. Your photos should be in a hard bound book in Borders bookstore!! Seriously! My favorite is the lady bug on the red flower. AMAZING!!! Have a wonderful Friday! :)

    Lots of Hugs...

  13. fantastic! My most favorites are the man and baby, dragonfly, sunset and gas pump. awesome post on random Zaroga.

  14. WOW! Those are amazing. You have some serious skills!

  15. Thanks for the spidie warning! LOL - I scrolled quickly by.

    That sunset shot is one to be framed.

  16. I love it, but the spider was actually pretty good, as I do not care for them, they leave itchy bites on me most of the time...Your photos are fantastic! Yours really outdo my lame "I broke my foot weekend, lol", but I will strive to be as wonderful as you, now that I figured out how to use the close up angle on my new camera :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  17. FANTASTIC does not even begin to tell you how great these pictures are!! Oh my gosh, I am in awe. They might be bugs, but the pictures of them are stunning. My gosh, what kind of camera are you using, I think I might have to go out and get one so I can turn out some photos like these. That red lady bug on the red flower is out of this world, it too is my favorite!! and the cicada, I was just telling a neighbor here about them and how I used to LOVE to hear them "sing" in the hot summer days of my childhood, and since they do not live here in Germany but I now do, I miss that sound terribly during the summer! I am thrilled that you added that picture. I consider it added just for me. :-) That car portrait is awesome. And the dragonfly is another of my favorites, I am so partial to them! FANTASTIC! wow, I can't wait to see what you come up with again nect week, it is such great fun coming by your blog! Take care and have a good weekend, Debby

  18. p.s. Zaroga, my mother (who passed away in Sept) had a passion for geneology too, and she has our family traced back to the late 1500's here in Europe. She came to germany many times since I moved here, traveling around with my father and her sister, looking thru church archives to see if she could not find yet another ancestor. One Xmas she gave each of us kids a thick book with the entire family history in it! We all use it like a reference book. :-) you will have to tell me about your research one of these days, I would love to hear about it!! Debby

  19. Your photos are breath taking Zaroga! The colours are amazing and the detail is stunning.

    I'm very impressed.

  20. Absolutely fantastic!! You are a photographer. :D

  21. Zaroga, I'm sorry to be so late visiting your shoot-out post. I have been strapped this weekend. You should be a photographer for National Geographic! I have taken thousands of photos, but never any as exciting as these.
    I can't pick one over any of the rest. They are fabulous.
    Walk With Faith,

  22. You have some really, really great photos - especially the insects, I love how close in you've managed to get, and they are so colourful :)

  23. I am totally wow'd - is that a good expression?
    your photos are beautiful - what was that I read about your husband.... you have to be equal or better don't ever say how you learn from him ever again... I enjoyed totally.

  24. Wow, stunning random shots! I really love them all. I'm so sorry for my late comment.


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