Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Big Thank You! -- Photography

A Small Frozen Rose
Small Frozen Rose

I just wanted to thank each of you that commented on my photos. I am not a great photographer by any means. I do enjoy it though. That is what a hobby is... something you enjoy.

As you can tell I like nature... even creepy crawly spiders :-) I have a hard time with the portrait of a person.

Frank, my husband, also enjoys photography. Isn't it nice when you share a hobby :-) He likes his film camera and shooting with black & white film. He develops his black & white photos in his darkroom. I don't go in there unless the doors are open... so I never get to see the process. He tries to teach me a bit here and there about photography.

My shoulder is not doing great. In a few weeks I will have surgery. The doctor is booked and it also has to go through insurance approval, so I don't know the date yet. It will be arthroscopic surgery to clean up around nerves and if there is a tear that will be fixed. I will also have a release done at my elbow... the ulna nerve has pressure on it.

So I pretty much won't be able to take photos in July and August. Hopefully no longer than that, but it depends on what the doctor finds. I wonder if I can operate the pocket camera one-handed :-)

Some of you take wonderful photos. I enjoy looking at them and some of you have asked my advice. My best advice is to take as many photos as you can. Pay attention to your backgrounds. Try several different compositions of your subject matter if you can. Try different settings of your F stop... yeah try manual settings, you will come out with a better photo most of the time. Don't be afraid to use your digital darkroom. Frank sometimes uses the same techniques in his real darkroom as a digital darkroom has. He crops, he dodges and burns,and some other adjustments that I don't know what are.

With my insect photos I most always have to crop the pictures. I do not have a lens that will get that close to the subjects.

Do you need the expensive Photo Shop editing program? Nah.. you don't. Google's Picasa program does some of the basic editing. I would spend money for a program that can crop and straighten a photo. There may be a free program that I don't know about that will do that.

I use an old Microsoft program called Digital Image Pro 10. Not many of the Digital Image Pro programs are compatible with Vista. Picture It! which many of you may have gotten free versions of with a program you bought became Digital Image Pro. I have not looked for a new photo editing program yet, so I cannot really suggest a program less expensive than Photo Shop. A lot of programs do offer free trial downloads... and that may be a way to go in trying to find an editing program that does a bit more than the basics and suits your pocketbook.

Again thank y'all very much for your wonderful comments on my photos.



  1. Hi Zaroga,
    Sorry you are going to have to have surgery, but maybe that will get you fixed good as new!
    I enjoyed reading this post and maybe I learned a thing or two. Have a Blessed Sunday.

  2. Maybe you can go to using a tripod. When I was young and had the 35mm stuff I had a little gadget called a shutter release. That was a great thing worked like the professional so you could stand back and snap when the moment was right.
    I don't remember what I did last summer when my arm was in a brace, I did use the tripod when I took pictures at Grandmama's Birthday party but then I could use my lower arm where you probably can't.
    I repeat the same things you do about a good photo, I do have a tip for people, though, kids anyway, Get down to their level and talk to them and let them do what they feel like.
    Good luck!

  3. I can't think of a better time in GA. to have surgery. The hottest two months of the year when it's just painful to go out side anyway. Hope and pray everything goes well.

    I love my Picasa. That's the only thing I know how to use and it is user friendly. Thanks for your help.

  4. Your photos are wonderful! Love them! I'm with you...I love just taking pictures...lots and lots of them! And on some of them, I even impress myself, LOL. Others...I just delete, grin. I, too, use Digital Image Suite 2006, and it works great with my Vista computer. Love it! I do all my photo editing and digital scrapbooking with DIP. It's a great program, and I'm ever so sad that Microsoft quit making it!

  5. Hoping that this surgery will make you feel better and able to rest better at night. Thanks for all the photo tips.

  6. I use a free programme called ImageMagick but I don't know whether it's only for Linux. It seems to be able to do pretty much anything that PhotoShop can do, though I'm not an expert in PS.

  7. good information - I also think of taking pictures as a hobby and enjoy it LOTS. I have an editing program called ACDSee9. It has some nice features and was ?$125.00??
    I know I was looking for cheap above all els. I can level/crop/take out too much light or add some/ and most important do all this in small increments.

  8. Hope your surgery goes on well. Thank you for this wonderful post. Sharing knowledge and information or the beauty of photography is one of the amazing things in our Blogosphere. Great tips and wonderful rose macro shot.


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