Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spider Pictures - Snow - Paul Harvey - New Friend

Yesterday I went to 'fix' dinner. Every time I think of the sayings 'fix dinner' or 'fix supper' I think of Daddy. He would call me or I would call him on the phone and after a while it would be time for me to fix supper. Of course he would have to say: "Why? Is is broken?" I digress... I was going to fix our dinner and I espy a spider on the floor. Most people would smush him. Not me... I get my camera. I had to lie on the floor. I was surprised that it was not extremely difficult to get up. I guess the doc did a good job of fixing my back.

I should have ran to the computer and looked at the pictures before relocating the spider to the great outdoors.

I do wish I wouldn't shake so much. (It is my bum shoulder causing the shaking... I'll go back to the doctor with it soon) I have the ISO set higher to compensate for my shaking and then the noise or grain shows up. So the pictures look fuzzy. They look a bit better in the larger pictures. Just hold down the ctrl button on your keyboard as you click on the pictures and the pictures will open in a new tab.

We had a few snow flakes around 11 am this morning. They say we may get more later. Frank called Sonja and she said they were having snow, but it was not sticking to the ground yet. She lives near Woodstock Georgia. Her and her boyfriend have colds, but she said they are getting better.

It is about 40 degrees here at 2:00 in the afternoon. The birds look so cold. I was going to take a picture of a dove through the storm door, but the door fogged up. With the wind it is just too cold to go outside and take pictures.

Paul Harvey passed away yesterday at the age of 90. He was a joy to listen to. No matter where we moved to I searched for a radio station that carried his voice. I will miss him.

I have a new blogging friend, Mountain Mama. She has been blogging for only a few weeks. Please pay her a visit... she has some great stories.

I think I will be behind forever in reading blogs. Yesterday the thunderstorms were bad enough for me to shut the computer down. We had about two and a half inches of rain with the storms. I haven't heard of any damage yet in the area, but the wind probably did take down a few trees.

My father and mother created from thin air what one day became radio and television news. So in the past year, an industry has lost its godparents and today millions have lost a friend. -- Paul Harvey Jr.



  1. Hi Zaroga, I have always said "fix" also! Thanks for the link to your new friend. We are having snow and strong wind this afternoon in north GA. Stay warm this evening.

  2. I'm playing blog catch up. I did not hear that Paul Harvey passed away...I loved listening to him and he will be missed by many I'm sure.

  3. Hi Zagora, I just read your blog and I love it. With me it was always I'm a fixin. My Son-In Law always jokes about it and then we go thru this "well did you ever say this or that or the other?" Here lately its "Do you remember when?"
    Mountain Mama


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