Monday, March 2, 2009

Laundry - Trash - Television - Green Onions

Today is laundry day. I don't like laundry day... but I do it with a smile anyway :-) I try to think of something that makes me happy while doing the dreaded chore. Today was difficult though.

It is trash day. When I took the trash can to the curb I looked up the street and saw the trash pile has grown. Someone dumped this sofa out about two weeks ago.

This morning this sofa joined the pile. It's one of those sectional sofas with the recliner on the ends.

Frank called about the first one the day after he came home from the hospital. Of course the response was: "We'll have someone pick it up tomorrow." Tomorrow hasn't come. He called again this morning. It will probably be months before they are picked up... even with a call every week.

They are not directly in front of our house, but just up the street past our fence line. It spoils my walks... which I'm failing to do as often as I should.

I tend to look out the windows of the bedroom when I fold clothes. So today it was hard to think of something pleasant when my blood boiled every time I looked out the window.

A little further up the street and on the opposite side of the street is a wooded lot. A few years ago someone placed a cabinet television in there. We couldn't figure out how they got it in there because the trees are so tight together.

I got to wondering when color television came into being. I remember in the 1960's a few of my school friends had them. When Frank and I were dating in 1968 his family had a color television and I would go over there and watch Walt Disney. My folks didn't get a color television until years later. Frank and I bought our first color television when we were stationed in Hawaii in 1974. Here is a timeline of Color Television.

I still have laundry to fold... one last load and hopefully I won't forget and leave it in the dryer. I do miss hanging clothes on the line. Years ago Frank made me quit because of my back. There is just nothing like sleeping on sheets fresh off the clothesline.

Frank recorded the Jesse Stone movie and we watched it this afternoon. I want to read the books.

Frank's Mom came over and brought us some green onions from their garden. I need to wash them and put them in the fridge.

The oncologist surgeon's office called and Frank's appointment has been upped to 9 am. He wanted to dance with joy, but couldn't. We think the doctor will remove the drain tomorrow. Not much is draining now.


Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Kill nothing but time.
-- Motto of the Baltimore Grotto, a caving society



  1. Hope all goes well at the Dr.

    What all will you use the onions for?

  2. Yummy, green onions!
    I know how you feel about hanging the clothes out. They smell so much better.

  3. I hate the L word! I should have done it today but I just wasn't in the mood.
    I hope everything goes well at the doctor's office.

  4. Thank you, I did have a nice day and I like the header you have now, too, it is peaceful. I do know that Bonanza was the first western to be in color and it began in 1959, that was one of the things I researched for the ann, book.

  5. Oh I think it's just terrible and makes the landscape look horrible when people dump things like this. They should take care and dispose of it correctly and themselves so the streets and land don't look bad. :( Sorry you have to look at that. I LOVE green onions. I especially love it when I make it for my homemade fried rice. I really must make that soon! Thanks for the reminder. Glad you and Frank are doing good Zaroga!


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