Friday, February 27, 2009

Change - Impatience - Fireproof


I thought it was time to revamp the blog design again. St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated next month, so I thought I would add a bit of green. I may change the header again, but I like the silo scene... it is serene and serenity is what I need :-) The background is a quilt square called Four Leaf Clover from Dawn's Quilting Clip Art. Dawn has created a lot of beautiful quilt squares.

We are going to get rather cold on Sunday... for us 45° for a high is cold :-)... the weather channel has 50° as the high. The local weather guy says maybe a flurry of snow... should we move further South :-) Anyway our temporary heater probably won't keep the house warm enough so Frank called around to find out who might have a propane heater in stock. He found one and he rode with me and went inside the place to buy it.

We then went by Sam's Club. Frank stayed in the car. It seemed like it took me forever there. We got there a couple of minutes before opening and of course their clock is slower than my watch. I'm waiting by the door and would be within the first few in the store. The lady came to unlock the door and had the wrong key. She waved us to go to the out door to go in... that puts me at about number 35 in line to get in. So I have to wait to get in and get a cart.

I found the things I need and get in the line where the lady is scanning with the hand-held scanner... that way I don't have to take the things out of my cart. At the next register a bottle of some sort of pills was spilled and the lady had to go and clean that up. I was next to in line... so I have to put my items on the belt and my purpose in getting in that particular line was defeated.

Then I try using Frank's debit card. I slid it through several times and it refused to be read. Then the cashier slid it several more times and it finally took. I punch in what I thought the pin number was and it said wrong pin... I'm sure I had it right, but by this time I just said I will use my credit card. My debit card was deactivated by the bank. You have to use your card within three months or it get deactivated and we didn't know that. I will have to get a new card and I just haven't felt like going by the bank.

For some reason Frank's right foot started bothering him and he descibes it like a stone bruise. He thought maybe his ankle brace would help the pain. Of course I couldn't find it. So after Sam's Club I stopped by the drug store and looked for one. They didn't have any in stock like he wanted.

I tend to get frustrated more easily these days :-( I wonder where all my patience went!


Wednesday we watched FIREPROOF. We both thought it was a pretty good movie. The movie was Filmed here in our hometown, Albany Georgia and surrounding communities. The scene at the railroad tracks was filmed in Shellman where my Mama lives. The place in the movie where the cross is we can't place where that is, but all the other places we recognize. Perhaps where the cross scene takes place is at one of the nearby plantations. We both recommend the movie. The makers have a blog about the movie at I got lost in the blog just preparing this paragraph :-)


I finished my flowerbed project. In a month or so I will probably add more plants to the bed... we'll see.


One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. -- Chinese Proverb



  1. Hope your next shopping day goes better. I seem to be shorter on patience the older I get.

    We watched Fireproof at church Sunday night and of course we are all proud of the movie makers in our state! We need more good clean movies like this.

  2. Poor thing! I am so sorry you had such a trying day! I am anxious for it to get warm, too! My DD watched fireproof and really enjoyed it, my SIL sent her flowers at work after watching it!

  3. Hi Zaroga! Thanks for stopping by and getting to know my mom:) She's a sweety- I talked to her yesterday after she received the flowers that we had sent. She went out to lunch with my brother and to dinner with my sister and her family. So I think she had a good day-and received quite a few cards. I hope to go down to see her as soon as spring shows its face some more:)

    I'm so sorry your Sam's Club trip was so frustrating. I know sometimes it seems like the more that I am counting on something being quick and simple, that's when things start going backwards!

    Have a blessed weekend,

    Linda C

  4. I know sam's can be frustrating most of the time. I love all the photo's you took. Now I don't have to go on the trip. LOL! just kidding I cant wait. We are also going to Dolphin Island too. This is going to be awesome. My sister in law is talking of doing this again next year. And I hoe to plan North Carolina and your area. Would you want visitors for a day or 2 next year? If every one is ok at the time.
    Any way I will be back arounf the 18 +/- See ya then .
    It may be bone spurs for your hubby. That is what was wrong with my hubby. The cortisone shot was no where as bad as hubby thought it would be now he has no more pain there.

  5. Hi,

    Sounds like ya kinda had a problem there, didn't ya? Well, I'm sure a good movie and some cookies and a cup of hot cocoa will help...=D

    Love, Joy =D

  6. I chuckled when I read your blog and being at Sams Club. I thought I was the only one those things happen to. It seems no matter where I am and what line I get in, thats the line that has all the problems...Go figure. Mountain Mama


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