Sunday, March 8, 2009

Puzzles - Walking - Pictures - Phbtt!

Puzzles -

One of my things to do to relax are puzzles. It can be the Sunday Crossword which I usually need the assistance of the dictionary. When the dictionary is of no help then I use One Across Crossword Help. Sometimes I just use the Google search engine.

I also like the variety puzzle books. My favorites are the cryptograms, alphabet soup, quote falls and anagram squares. I like words :-) The diagramless crosswords are okay too... and a couple of others that I can't remember the name of. I'm not fond of number puzzles or logic problems.

Every morning I go to AARP Magazine and do the jigsaw puzzle . There are games at too. There I like Spellbound, Mahjongg Toy Chest and Metro Match. They have jigsaw puzzles there too, but I prefer the one at the magazine. The site also has card games and arcade games.

Walking - Pictures

I love to walk, but don't do enough of it. I love to look at the trees, the insects, the birds... everything that God made. I like to combine my walks with my love of the camera. The camera magnifies the flora and fauna and I can see beauty that I had never experienced before.... awe moments :-)

I was going to try and get some bee pictures today, but it is windy and the flowers are swaying too much.

Here is a Carpenter Bee picture from last year... click on it for a larger view. Did you know that they had beaks :-)

Phbbt! -

The past few months I have tried not to worry about things.... nothing I can do to prevent them, just when something happens cope with it. I know worry and stress don't cause ulcers, but they can aggravate them. My stomach has been acting up off and on since before my back surgery in November... just a gnawing irritated feeling. Now it is hurting in the pit of my stomach. A sip of water during the night can flare the pain. It may be just gastritis and not an ulcer... I'm hoping so. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday... originally to talk about my shoulder pain again, but I think my stomach is more important.

.... such a bad child I am for sticking my tongue out :-p .... I need to do a few more puzzles :-)


I will catch up on reading your blogs soon. It will be a bit at a time... but I'll get there.

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must. -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



  1. Zaroga,

    I'm not really into doing puzzles or anything but I sure do love a walk and I love to take my camera with me! You just never know what you'll find and I want to be ready!

    Have a great Sunday!


  2. Hope your stomach feels better soon. You sure have some marvelous photographs of insects etc. I always enjoy your photography so much. Thanks and feel better soon.

  3. I have never be very good at puzzles. I think it is how my brain is wired:)

    Sounds like you would be great at most of the kinds of puzzles!

    Great photo of the bee- 78 degrees there- wow! It as raining her a while ago and just started snowing now. And on it goes:)

    Linda C

  4. When Jeremy was at home we would buy large jigsaw puzzles and do them on the kitchen table, I don't do them anymore because they make me miss him...
    I do like crossword puzzles though, have a book at work so I can do when kids are napping.
    The man at the nursery told us the bushes had to be cut back like roses and to buy a fertilizer that had the word Bloom in it.
    I do hope your stomach feels better, I understand that one! I take double the 'normal' RX and am supposed to add another Zantac at night, but mine is acid reflux that aggravates my cough, I sure hope yours is not an ulcer! I am praying for you!

  5. I couldn't get the plug in to work but anyway I do the ones at all the time. It's addictive!

  6. Great post, I'm sorry about your stomach, not being able to eat or drink is a BIG thing, I pray the doctor will able to find your source and address it for you. LOVE your bee, what a great close-up. I do puzzles too, gets the brain started in the morning:)

  7. I enjoy crossword puzzles, but I have to admit I sometimes "cheat" if the answers are in the back and I get stuck! Hope your stomach feels better...worry/stress does cause my stomach to hurt. I am still amazed at your beautiful photography skills.

  8. I'll have to check them out, I haven't done a puzzle in so long. I hope it's not too addicting.
    Love the picture, the colors are so pretty.

  9. For me instead of puzzles it's reading magazines. You remember, I have a terrible magazine habit. Lol! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Stomach issues are sometimes the worst feeling! Ugh. Hope you feel better soon! LOVE that carpenter bee picture!!!


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