Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring has officially arrived!

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month." -- Henry Van Dyke

No matter if you have your car covered in pollen or snow I thought you might like to see a few Spring pictures.

Here pine, redbud, bradford pear and dogwood trees are blooming along with azaleas, camelias, dandelions and many other wildflowers/weeds. The colors of our cars have changed to a yellow or yellow-green color. We are sneezing; our noses are stuffy, but yet leaking... always wondered how that worked. Fortunately I'm doing pretty good because I started my antihistamine before the pollen got bad.

Pine Tree Bloom

Pine Tree Blossom

Dogwood Blooms.
They are beginning to fall and look like snow upon the ground.

Dogwood Blossoms

Wren Eggs
(These are from last year)
Birds are looking for mates and a place to build their nests.

Carolina Wren Eggs

Northern Cardinal Chicks
(from years past)
Soon their will be new life.

Northern Cardinal Babies

Baby Squirrels
(from years past.)
They are the pesky little critters that eat the birdseed and dig holes in the flower beds and eat the roots of our favorite plants. They are the critters that we love to watch play with each other. Yes, there are two squirrels in this picture. The second is just behind the others butt :-) Their Mama built a nest in a five gallon bucket in a cabinet down at Stubbs Acres (my parent's old homestead). She tore up some rags that Frank had in the cabinet and added it to the nest. Frank has since sealed the cabinet and so far squirrels haven't made a nest in the cabinet again.

Baby Squirrels

I hope your first day of Spring is a great one!.. That as nature renews itself that you too will renew yourself. Sometimes we get in a rut of the same old thing. Do something different. As my friend Grammy says: Remember to Laugh and Play .


It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! -- Mark Twain



  1. Sweet and beautiful pictures this morning Zaroga. The days are so pleasant this time of year. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  2. How beautiful! Babies just come in such darling packages! We are (hopefully) putting the garden in Saturday, I can't believe spring is ACTUALLY here! Oh, I LOVE your header:)

  3. I HAVE SPRING FEVER, TOO!!!! LOL! I'm sorry I haven't visited your blog in ages!!!!! Thanks for always coming to mine!

    Love, Joy

  4. Zaroga,

    Your photographs are just beautiful! I love the one especially of the wren eggs! I'm so ready for spring.

    Do you mind me asking how you get your name in the bottom corner of your pictures?

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Zaroga, I LOVE this post!! I can feel Spring as I read this and look at all the beautiful pictures. Love your header as well. Did you take the pictures of the babies and the eggs? TOO CUTE!!

  6. I love your wonderful post. I raised 2 baby squirrels from hairless state 2 made it to be released. I so enjoyed them. I loved all the blooms down south. Lots of Bradford pares every where I went in Alabama and Ten. I so loved the spring preview I had.
    Thanks for the quote.
    Happy spring to you too.

  7. Great photos! I'm quite impressed! IS officially spring here in IA...just waiting for it to ACT like spring around here! :-)


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