Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy, Doctors and Bluebirds

Yesterday was a busy day with laundry and hemming pants for Frank. I broiled some juicy pork chops for dinner. Since they weren't the fancy pork chops... I sprinkled them with a bit of seasoned salt and seasoned pepper (maybe more than a bit... we like pepper) and whacked them with the meat mallet before broiling. Some butter beans with a bit of leftover mixed veggies thrown in and some warmed cornbread muffins (both leftovers from the freezer) completed the meal. There was enough left over for today.

This morning was Frank's appointment with the oncologist surgeon. The tube is still in and he has to do the octreotide injections. He goes for a CT scan on Friday. Frank is feeling some better and has slept in the bed for a couple of nights now. We had to switch sides of the bed and that is so strange. Frank can only sleep on his back, which gets tiring for him.

After we got back from the doctor we looked out the living room window and a pair of blue birds were checking the birdhouse out. The light sucked and the window is a little on the dirty side, but the pictures turned out about par for me and birds. Click on the pictures for a larger view or use your right-click options for opening in a new tab or new window for a larger view. They look better in the larger view.



This mourning dove seemed to enjoy watching the bluebirds. Don't you just love its pink legs and feet.

Frank swapped his appointment with our family doctor with me... he will go Thursday if he needs to (his foot is feeling better, so he may cancel). The doctor didn't tell me a diagnosis, but he gave me a handful of prescriptions to be filled. My sinus drainage can be aggravating my stomach, so I have prescriptions for Zyrtec, Z-pack (antibiotic.. the doctor said he didn't think I got enough after that bad virus I had... my ears are a bit messed up). For my stomach... prescriptions for Zantac and Carafate. For my shoulder pain... Ultram and an injection of Toradol. I also got a referral to the stomach doctor. I prefer seeing the doctor instead of his physician assistant... so that will be a couple of months away. Hopefully all these meds will help my body feel a bit better.


From "Anything Goes"
(Cole Porter)

Be like the bluebird who never is blue,
For he knows from his upbringing what singing can do,
And though by other birdies in the boughs,
He may be told that his efforts are perfectly lousy,
He sings on and on till his troubles are through,
"Tweet tweet, tra-la, tra-la, tra-la."



  1. Funny thing I am cooking a small pork roast in my slow cooker today. I usually season it with salt, pepper and lots of garlic powder. I am afraid after looking and testing it with a fork that it will be tough. However nothing goes to waste here. What I don't eat the dogs will eat.

    Mountain Mama

  2. I sure hope that both of you will feel better soon. The blue birds and mourning dove photos are so cute. Hope you both will have a restful night.

  3. This has been a long winter for you hey? I hope you guys get back to feeling 100% soon. I love the birds pictures.

  4. Your bird shots are so pretty!

  5. Wonderful pictures! I do hope you feel better soon!


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