Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something to Crow About

Oscar The Goose

Does a goose crow :-D

Good news! The scan was negative.... no tumors found. Frank goes back for another octreotide scan in six months.

Time for dinner and a little relaxation.



  1. In this case, the goose can crow. Good news, indeed.

    You take care and stay healthy.

  2. Whew!!!! I'm so glad the news was good.

  3. It seems that every other blog I read contains something about cancer. I think we can all crow that this one is so positive.

  4. Very thankful for answered prayer. You two enjoy some peace of mind!

  5. Crowing for you all too. Praise the lord. It can be so scarry. Sending peace and blessing and restful sleep,

  6. This is great news. Thank Goodness. Maria

  7. Oh what great news!! No wonder you are crowing!! Smile!! I would be telling the whole world!! God is so good...Just keep praying.
    I am so sorry to hear that you are allergic to gardenias..WOW!! I would so so hate that.
    Thanks for stopping by..How great is your news!! Congrats!!

  8. That is wonderful news, Zaroga!! I'm so happy for you both!! No stressing for awhile now. Relax and enjoy life and each other.

    Love the picture of the Goose. :)



  9. Patty took the words right out of my mouth, the goose has good reason to crow! Such good news. My sister had good news on her last test too and I could not be happier. Zaroga, it was such a pleasure to see your comment on my latest post! You are always a bit of sunshine, which is why I think that your sunflower header is so perfect for you. Have a great day! It feels lovely to be back on blogger, I felt like I had been sent to Siberia for a while. :-) Debby

  10. Wonderful news! I love the photo too.

  11. So happy for the good report! Love the Trash sign and the Bug car! I love the signs at Myrtle Beach, especially Cromers Peanuts!

  12. That's good news! Love the goose picture.


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