Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sshopping - Pictures

No... no shopping pictures.

I actually went clothes shopping. I've managed to lose a few pounds this year and was a bit tired of baggy britches (that's a word my family uses for the word pants).

I hate shopping! Nothing ever fits right. If britches are just right in the hips then the waist is too big. If they are just right in the waist then it is too snug in the hips. The britches are always too long and I hate hemming.

If I find a nice fitting blouse the neckline is too low or the fabric too thin. I hate shopping! (said in my best Lucy (from Peanuts cartoon) voice).

I managed to find three pair of britches and one blouse. I'm still not sure about the blouse... the neckline may be a bit too scooped. I'll get Frank's opinion on it before I discard the tags.

I also got a couple of filters for the vacuum... isn't that exciting! :-) I found a few other things that were just as exciting.

I also bought new makeup. I hardly ever wear makeup. I can remember one time when Frank and I were dating he looked at me strangely and said "you're wearing makeup". I thought I had put it on all wrong. He said that I just looked different with it on. I think he only noticed the makeup because I was wearing pink lipstick. Most of the time I wore Tangee Lipstick back then, a bit more subtle than the pink shade I had worn on that date. I loved the aroma and the feel of Tangee Lipstick. They still make Tangee Lipstick.

Oops... sometimes my mind goes entirely off on a tangent :-)

I stopped by Good Will on the way home from clothes shopping. A worker was bringing out box after box of goodies to put on the shelf. Three ladies swooped around her like vultures. I could not get close to the boxes. Some of the boxes contained brand new goodies, like sunglasses. The women scooped those right up. All that wasn't scooped up were plastic travel containers and stationery. Target donates items to the store. I didn't find any goodies there today. I'll try again another time.

While I was out shopping Frank and his Dad went down to my parent's old home place and did a few things. One thing was to get eight of the neighbor's hogs back to their home. Frank said it was tempting to butcher them... they were a nice eating size. Frank brought home some pears instead. Now doesn't pear preserves or a pear cobbler sound good?

Well... on to pictures. I took these with my Sony A700 camera when I was walking around the yard a few days ago.

Our neighbors have planted lantana by our fence and its stems reach over into our yard. I don't mind at all... I don't have to take care of it, I just enjoy its beauty.


During the hot summer months several Orchard Spiders make their home in the azaleas. They are small spiders... much smaller than pictured. Their sizes are: Female body length 5.5 - 7.5 mm and the Male body length 3.5 - 4.0 mm. This one is a female.

Orchard Spider



  1. I dislike shopping for clothes too. I've been hemming pants all my life! Good for you on losing some lbs. The pear cobbler sounds delicious. The lantana sure is pretty. The butterflies and hummers stay near ours just about all day and it is right outside the kitchen window where I can enjoy them.

  2. Zaroga, may I save your photo of lantana, please. Lantana was a noxious weed where I grew up and I was 13 before I realised it wasn't named "bloody lantana" as I'd never heard it referred to as anything else. You can imagine my surprise when I moved to NZ and my first home had a lantana hedge!
    Like you, I hate clothes shopping too. If I'm not happy with the first couple of things I try on, that's it, I'm out of there.

  3. Nice shots!
    I love shopping but I agree with you that clothes are hard to find.

  4. Your photos are great I really enjoyed them. I don't get to shop much. So it is a treat for me to get new cloths. I buy them when I go back to St. Louis. As Wm is the only store close to us. And I don't like wearing the same clothes as every one else in town.

  5. I hate shopping for clothes to! I'm 5'2 so pants have to be hemed a mile. Jeans are the worst!

  6. Good Morning Zaroga!
    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has a hard time finding clothes that are suitable for ladies past 50! They are all made for 16 year old teeny-boppers!

    The picture of the spider is great!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Hi Zaroga!

    I am finding I am disliking shopping more and more. In fact, I try to avoid the mall at all costs! Too many people and too many smells. Lol! I usually buy my clothes at Target or TJ Maxx now. Love your photos...the spider is fantastic. I have never heard of Tangee Lipstick before but it sounds kinda cool the way it takes the shade on that it thinks you should be wearing. Congrats on losing weight as well! I'm jealous. ;)


    Lots of hugs..

    Michelle :)

  8. This Ozark farm chick wasn't born with the shopping gene but I do suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Flower Disorder. Great Lantana picture. I have some in my rock garden. Take care of your allergy and have a blessed day!!!

  9. Awesome photos!!! I'm not really fond of shopping as I can never find anything.

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