Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Interesting/Amusing Signs


Si picked the topic of interesting and amusing signs for this week's assignment. If you would like to join us or look at pictures from more participants go to Friday My Town Shoot Out .

There really aren't any interesting or amusing signs here in Albany Georgia.

I took this picture of The Gap window while Frank and I were walking in the mall. A place to go when it is just plain too hot to exercise outside. Pocket-size cameras are handy :-) Window signs have certainly changed since I worked in retail.

The Gap Store Window

If you look closely you can see me.... the chubby model in the middle. Frank vanished. He was right beside me. Years ago I looked like the female model on the left and Frank looked like the male model on the right. You don't believe me? Then you must have missed the post about our 40th wedding anniversary ;-)

These two pictures were taken with my Sony P200 pocket camera too.

A few years back I was walking around our neighborhood and a Lays truck was parked behind the motel. Looking at it made me hungry.

Lays Chips.. in the Neighborhood

As I walked further around the block a neighbor was home for lunch and his delivery truck was parked on the street. I became more hungry. When I arrived home... I didn't have a chip in the house :-(

Doritos.. in the Neighborhood

The rest of these photos were taken with my Sony f717 camera.

When the movie Wild Hogs was playing (March 14, 2007 ) at the local cinema I took a picture of the poster. Frank and I watched the movie for the first time a few days ago.

Wild Hogs--Movie Poster

A local Compounding Solutions store sign. I took this photo for a scavenger hunt a couple of years back. The object to take a picture of for the hunt was a mortar and pestle... we don't own one.

Compounding Solutions

Bug Busters in Acworth Georgia has an amusing sign on its car. There were also characters on the other side of the car and on the back window.

Bug Busters

This sign, Danger Keep Back, at Point Park, Lookout Mt. Georgia was a bit amusing. The sign needed to be up where I was taking the picture .


This sign is not far from Adel Georgia. It encourages us to eat more goat. Y'all can eat all you want :-)

Eat More Goat

This sign is on the same road. It puts a curse upon you if you litter. There was no litter on the road.

Trash Curse

I sometimes think about putting a sign like it in front of our home.

I hope you found something a bit interesting and perhaps amusing in today's post.


  1. these are great! the last four are fabulous! great shoot out!!

  2. Hi Zaroga, what a fun collection of signs!
    For years I've been a recovering Mad Potato Chip Fiend, and your truck photos have done me in. I'm off for some Ruffles right now.

  3. Hi ~Z~
    Interesting and funny signs..
    I too battle the chip war..
    chips are winning by a landslide..
    I am losing by the pound!
    did you know coffee and chips is a wonderful combination?
    thanks for sharing!
    ♥ Lou

  4. This is an interesting collection of signs! I like that last one!

  5. Some people know how to write a good sign!

    These were great fun!

  6. Love the bug buster car! Actually loved them all, especially the bug car! (and the trash sign-amazingly my trash by the road has gone down since my kids moved out:)

  7. I love that last one! It's great. Well they all were.

  8. For this assignment I longed to be back in Alabama, where people don't hesitate to put out colorful hand-painted signs! Eat more goat! May your teeth fall out! Now THOSE are interesting signs. Thank you.

  9. Really great shoot out...Eat more goat. LOL. And the bug buster car is a classic. You have a great eye.

  10. I would have recognized you and Frank's model photos anywhere in that store front window. haha
    Great group of photos Zaroga - this would have been a tough assignment but you make it look easy. You two take care and enjoy some worry-free days and maybe even a little rain.

  11. All wonderful as always! If I had to pick a favourite it'd have to be the eat goat one because of the message.

  12. I like that last one, but the Bug Busters car is really funny!

  13. I love the curse if you litter, maybe that would work here where everyone is so religous except when it comes to care of God's earth.

    good work.

  14. Ha, and you said no interesting signs, well I think you found some alright... Chuckling at the model pics and your comment...did'nt we all look like them earlier in life? I bet we were sisters once...

    Now the chip trucks...that is why I am not a model figure anymore, lol!

    Loved the curse and eat more goat, too funny...

  15. That bug busters one was pure magic!

  16. The only problem I would have with the bug buster van is I wouldn't want it parked in my driveway..... what would the neighbours think? It's not like they would miss seeing it. =D
    And if you've already lost your hair and teeth are you allowed to litter? Your signs are so funny.
    Maybe I'll go and have a little goat cheese for lunch.
    Are you buying MORE camera equipment? (post above this one?) Have a great weekend!

  17. Fun and funny signs! Love the bug hearse.

  18. Those bugs in Buster's cab look they are having a great time.

    All of the photos are great but the one that got me was the 'trash' sign.

    May beautiful men like the one in the storefront dance the dance of the seven veils(?) as more beautiful men feed you grapes and wine. Wonderful post.

  19. LOVE the Danger Keep Back sign - reminds me of signs here =esp on the Parkway -- :)

  20. Zaroga,
    These are GREAT signs! ...and I did go back and read your 40th Anniversary post...(Congratulations!!!) ...You were then and are now still a beautiful pair!!!

  21. Oh I LOVE all these signs....and that last one had me cracking up! Oh and I love the bug busters car. Classic. Thanks for sharing, Zaroga!



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