Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Incongruous

Mary over at Traveling Hammer picked the topic of for this week's assignment of Incongruous. Meaning: Out of place, ridiculous, inconsistent, contradictory. If you would like to join us or look at pictures from more participants go to Friday My Town Shoot Out .

It was a bit of a busy week so I have just around the yard shots for you. They are be a bit blurry... I took them with my heavier Sony A700 with the come-with-it lens, Sony 18-70 / 3.5 - 5.6. My arm and shoulder are getting stronger :-)

These first two pictures show how the squirrels have chewed up green pecans. This is the way most of our yard looks like right now. You would think the squirrels would eventually figure out that the pecans are green and taste acrid and awful... but no way is that going to happen. They have to keep chewing the pecans up and throwing them... perhaps spitting them out. Very ridiculous.

Pecans Destroyed by Squirrels

Pecans Destroyed by Squirrels

This picture is of the garden. Beans on the left and peas on the right. Grass growing in between rows.. very out of place, but will stay.

Beans, Grass and Peas in the Garden

Down in the South we have Fire Ants, which do not belong here... very out of place. Many have suggested ways of killing them, but usually our efforts just move them to another spot in the yard.

A nearby town, Ashburn Georgia, has a Fire Ant Festival in March. That would be very contradictory. Most people would rather obliterate the fire ant instead of embrace it.

Fire Ants

Well, it wasn't much.... maybe next time I'll do better :-)



  1. Great! I've never seen squirrels eat green pecans, devour and hide the ripe ones, but never the green ones. Fire ants? Ugh! Evil creatures! I read an article that said "Man's greatest joy in life is finding new and creative ways to destroy fire ants":)

  2. very good, is it possible that the squirrels don't taste acid or bitter, and maybe like the parrots in our yard, they pick apart the seeds and eat only a part of it and spit out the rest. I heard that fire ants like cornmeal with honey, and when eaten swells in their body and kills them... what a way to go.
    word verf... masch like in cornmeal mash.

  3. Well, you are showing off your fire ant city - or do they call it a town?

    Great photos.

    I miss our acorn tree. There is a way you can get acorns to taste better and actually eat them. You can Google it. I made some acorn cookies once. They were pretty good.

  4. Fire ants? I guess it is time that I post on my blog the story about how I became a Red Ant.
    I am going to check out about the Friday Shoot Out. I like your photos. Maria

  5. Oh those squirrels and their messiness :) - it does make for a funny post though.

    Now, the fire ants....aaaah!! I remember stepping in one of those nasty little mounds when I was about 12 years old, while visiting my Grandma in Macon. I. Did. NOT. Like. It. hahaha - seriously though...they scared the daylights out of me.

    Happy Friday :)

  6. The home I grew up in had pecan trees and I remember how the squirrels would make such a mess and waste pecans!

  7. Those squirrels will eat most anything! I've always said that if fire ants get on you, they wait until lots of them are on and ready and then the leader yells, "Bite"!

  8. We had fire ants all over our yard when we lived in west Tennessee. They aren't here in middle TN - strange!

    Great pictures!

  9. All of your squirrels must be pretty plump. How about organizing a roasted squirrel festival to be held about every six months? Enjoyed the memories of Albany, again.

  10. Yea Zaroga, You can use your camera again. Thats great. I love the photos. We have pecans all over the hood of our truck. So It will soon be nut season.

  11. Excellent, actually! The grass between the beans and peas may not have been the most dramatic picture but it win my vote for incontruity!
    Fire ants and moles...ah yes.

  12. Ants!! Ugh.. but way cool pictures!

  13. I don't think we have fire ants, but I know they don't belong here either. Some people will celebrate anything. Is there beer involved?

  14. Zaroga,
    Let's see, nuts, beans, squirrels, fire ants and peas. That just about covers incongruous, yes it does! =D
    What a mess they make!
    I love pecans and have always envied the owners of pecan trees.... not any more! We live too far north to grow them.
    I am laughing because your new camera is so good you get to explore the world of fire ants close up. =D My camera might do okay with the squirrels.
    I really enjoyed your shoot today an I am happy I stopped by. Enjoy your weekend. I hope Frank's sister has a great birthday!

  15. Beautiful close-ups. And such messy squirrels, but you have taken some artful shots of their debris. Anybody for pecan pie?

  16. I think the fire ant festival would be fun, but potantially painful!

  17. I'm afraid I would think fire ants incongruous no matter where I found them.

  18. My son loves to sing a song about fire ants - I'll have to show him this photo. I didn't realize they were real -thought they were made up for the crazy song!


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