Monday, February 9, 2009

Beautiful Weather! - A Word


It is a sunny day today. At 3:00 pm it is 75°... now isn't that just perfect! This kind of weather makes me want to be at the lake.... maybe watching the geese in the early morning hours.

Morning Geese

This morning I had an appointment with the surgeon that did my back surgery. A couple of x-rays were taken and I am healing well. He said I can do pretty much whatever I think I can do without hurting myself. I go back for another check-up with him in November.

After that we went to Wal-Mart. Frank had bought some Fruit of the Loom pocket tees in the four-pack. He got one pack in the wrong size, so we exchanged them. Then we had breakfast at Burger King.

Next stop was the Marine Base to talk to the Tricare Lady. The ambulance service that we had to use back in November doesn't seem to want to submit the insurance correctly, but they want their money now. Oh... and they put a threatening note in the bill that says the insurance commissioner says we have to pay it now. Well, we never pay until its gone through our insurance... otherwise we can only guess at what we have to pay. Sometimes we know exactly what our part is... like our copay for doctor visits... for an ambulance we have no idea of what is our part until we get the EOB from Tricare. The company's billing service isn't local, so you can't just go and visit them and talk to them about your bill. Frank called them after we got the first bill to tell them that they needed to refile and was met with rudeness. Don't you just love it :-) Hey.. did my sarcasm show through :-D

After we got home I started some laundry and went through my email. Frank worked on his questions for the oncologist surgeon tomorrow. Then it was time to eat leftovers. I think the tomatoes and black eye peas tasted even better today. I forgot to mention that I threw a jalepeno pepper into the pot.

We watched Desperate Housewives. We record a lot of tv shows. We go to bed around 9 pm.

I folded the clothes... not one of my favorite chores :-D I washed the tee shirts Frank bought and I told him that he better try one on.... they look kind of small. He tried one on and sure enough it was just a little tight. It fit nothing like the single-pack Fruit of the Loom tee he bought the week before. He didn't want to take them back so I now have eight navy blue pocket tees and four light blue pocket tees. They are a bit loose on me, but will be good for wearing around the house. If Frank loses more weight... then I'll give them back to him. I found a drawer for them... just took out a bunch of short sleeved sweaters that I never wear out of the drawer . The sweaters will go to the Salvation Army. I am past due in going through my closet and drawers to remove clothes that I haven't worn in forever.

Frank was looking through the truck for something and came across a pair of pants I thought I had lost. I guess I put them in there just in case I needed to change after one of our visits to Stubbs Acres. It is funny.... I have been looking hard for that pair of pants for a couple of months. Last Friday when we went to the Rice Bowl we both got a fortune cookie. Mine reads: "Your lost item will be found next week." This is the first time I've ever had a fortune cookie come true. I told Frank that I should use the numbers on the fortune and play the lottery... maybe I would win :-D

Frank washed the travel trailer. I washed the bird feeders and filled them. I also washed the living room windows... well the outside. Now I need to clean the inside of them.

Frank saw a butterfly flying around, but as soon as I brought the camera out the butterfly disappeared. I think it was a Cloudless Sulphur like the butterfly in this picture that I took with my old Sony f717 a couple of years back. The one today looked yellow. The one pictured below is a female. The markings are stronger in the female.

Cloudless Sulphur "Phoebis sennae"

I thought I would find time for making brownies and granola.... the day is slipping away... so maybe another day. I sure did enjoy my time outside today.


A Word -- Antenna

Ancient Roman sailors hung their sails from a horizontal arm, or yard, which they called an antenna. Eventually the nautical term came to designate horns, or feelers, of insects that resemble yards of a ship.

The development of sound transmission without use of wires required the invention of receiving devices, many of which had a superficial resemblance to an insect's antenna. Although today's technology has made it possible to eliminate them from many devices, the word "antenna" remains alive and well as a designation for receiving gear that is essential to weather cubes and countless numbers of radios and radio-controlled devices.


Be life long or short, its completeness depends on what it was lived for. -- David Starr Jordan



  1. Zaroga, the weather today was perfect, wasn't it. Nalley had his brain MRI today and it was so warm I did not even need a sweater!
    I saw a lot of jonquils blooming along the drive today. I think the whole week is supposed to be warm. I sure am anxious to get out and clean up the flower beds. Glad you are healing nicely and that you enjoyed getting out with Frank today. Take care.

  2. I'm happy you were blessed with lovely weather! We're still waiting for "perfect" around here, but it WAS 45* Which is HUGE for Iowa in February, LOL. Just a sign that we are one day closer to spring!

  3. That was funny about the fortune cookie and the lost pants!

  4. Insurance companys grrrr and hospital billing departments grrrr!!! Your day sounded busy. What lake do yu visit? My BIL and SIL have a property at a lake but I'm not sure if it is GA or AL. They live close to Breeman GA, but both are from Scottsburo, AL and they have a nice lake nearby there also. It was very nice here that last few days also. Maybe 75 tomorrow and stormy. We really haven't had much winter here this year except for that cold Canadian blast that everyone recieved a couple of weeks ago. I love desparet house wives also, I just can't get hubby onboard with it. Not enough shoot 'em up I guess. Hope you have a good week and enjoy the nice warm weather.

  5. It sounds like you had a beautiful day. Love those pictures.

  6. Oh man, I wish we had that lovely weather. I'm still putting on my winter coat. I'm glad your doing good with your back. Love the photos.

  7. Good Morning Zaroga,
    Glad you are healing nicely! Reading your post about the clothes sounds about like me. I need to clean out some drawers and pass on some things that someone else might use. I ran into a similar charge the hospital billed me and said I owed it. Come to find out that they never filed the insurance claim. I insisted that it was not my fault that they didn't file and they finally gave me credit for it. So far, our Medicare and our supplements have paid our complete bills. Who says there are no perks to getting old! ☺

  8. Zaroga,

    I'm glad to hear that you received a good report on your back! I hope your husband's appointment goes well too!

    Your photos are just awesome! I know you named the camera you used on this one, but what type of camera do you use now? I don't use mine to it's fullest potential. I need to read up more or take a class because I love photography so much!


  9. I love your photos. They are just great!!!!

    Love, Joy =D


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