Friday, February 6, 2009

Doctor - Bird Watching


Frank and I went to the doctor today. The good news is we will live :-) We just need some antibiotics to help us get better. The doctor came in coughing... but not badly. We're thinking... oh no more sickness for us to catch! The doctor said he wasn't running a fever and not contagious... mmm... should we believe him. The doctor spent about an hour with us. He really wants us well so Frank can have his surgery. I have direct orders from the doctor not to be spending the night in the hospital with Frank. He doesn't want me to do it because of my bad back and neck. I told him that I will do what I need to do :-)

Even though the MRI didn't show anything that would be causing the pain in my neck and shoulder and causing the numbness in my fingers it did show that my neck is going to probably give me lots of pain down the road. Something (for the life of me the word is not coming to me as to what it is called) is narrowing in places, a bone spur and of course the arthritis that I knew I had. As for my shoulder... the doctor wants me to hang in there a while longer. He is going to look at the MRI images and see if he sees anything different than the radiologist. Our top priority right now is getting Frank through this upcoming surgery.

We've been concerned about having a private room at the hospital for Frank. The doctor's wife works in administration in there and after we left the doctor called his wife. There was a message on the answering machine when we got home from the doctor himself assuring us that Frank would have a private room. A doctor that actually calls you... very unusual here.

After our visit with the doctor we went to the Marine Base to get our prescriptions filled... except the antibiotic for Frank, the base doesn't carry that one. We went into the commissary and bought coffee and vitamin c... the doctor said for us to take that to hopefully help us get well. He also wanted us to take zinc lozenges, but they didn't have them. I've never had any luck with either one of those helping with a cold, but we will do it anyway... it can't hurt.

It was lunch time by then so we stopped by The Rice Bowl, a Chinese food restaurant, for carryout. Then on to Rite Aid Drugstore for Frank's antibiotics. Then sweet home; dinner; and recorded tv shows.

After dinner Frank went to get a load of horse manure for the garden plot. It was a small load and he swore to me he would not overdo. When he got back he told me he barely broke a sweat.

While he was gone I raised the blind in the living room and took a few bird pictures. The window is beyond dirty. The pictures are awful, but I will share them anyway :-)

I think this is a female pine warbler.

Female Warbler 1 - m

Female Warbler 2 - m

These are Chipping Sparrows. That one in the back has seed husk on his beak.

Chipping Sparrows - m

Since it was so pretty out I decided to walk around the yard with my camera. I had hoped to get a picture of a Cedar Waxwing, but no luck in a good one... only one of just its tail. I saw a large woodpecker, but it was so high in the pecan tree that I couldn't get a picture of it and with my eyes I couldn't tell what type he was. I saw a Downy Woodpecker, but the camera wouldn't auto focus on him and by time I got him focused in he flew :-(

There were lots of American Robins in the Cherry Laurels trees just beyond our fence line. There is a lot of shade there with a few bright spots, but of course the birds won't pose for me. I did get this one picture. Of course the auto focus focused on the limb.

American Robin - m

So a day of no luck with good pictures. It was fun walking in the sun and hearing and seeing the birds. Maybe tomorrow I'll take another walk with my camera.

I promise I will do some blog reading tomorrow.


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  1. Glad to hear that you guys will be around a bit longer (lol) I love the really do a great job.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. So thankful that you have a Dr. who listens and took the action necessary to assure Frank of a private room. What a burden lifted to get that message on your machine! It was very warm even in N. GA today - the sun felt so good while I was on the front porch today. I enjoyed your bird photos very much and I hope you get the chance to get back out tomorrow.

  3. Hi Zaroga,
    You had quite a busy day! Glad you are getting better. I cannot imagine a doctor spending an hour with you!!! Here we are lucky to get five minutes! Enjoyed seeing your pictures! Take care!

  4. I'm glad you guys are on the mend. I would tell you the same thing the doctor did about spending the night with Frank in the hospital but I have a feeling it wouldn't do much good. I would be the same way so I understand.
    You sure have some beautiful birds around your place.

  5. Zaroga, so glad you guys are getting things "fixed". :) Wow, can't believe the doctor came in with a cold. I love your photos!! The birds are so sweet. Remind me to tell you sometime about Lucky the Sparrow. I saved him from a busy street in Hood River (his nest was destroyed...and siblings did not survive). He was only a few days old. He came home with me, needless to say....with Jim rolling his eyes but knowing I'm an animal lover helped me. Hehe! He's alive and well today!

  6. I think you got some great pictures, Zaroga!

    So glad you two got your needed antibiotics and that Frank is getting his private room. I'm sure that makes you both feel better!

    I hope you all are well soon and have a great weekend!

  7. I hope you and your husband get well real soon. There are many sick folks here too...just can't shake the coughs, etc. Keep us informed on the surgery...take care of yourself too! These pictures of the birds are great.

  8. You did great with those pics! You are a very good photographer! I'm glad you're going to live ;) Hope you get to feeling perfect!

    Love, Joy =D

  9. I am glad you got your antibiotics! These are great pictures, I do not know birds, I have a type that eats our treats at work I will have to get a picture of for you to tell me what it is. It is a very aggressive bird, gray, black and white. I think it may be a type of Jay. They dive at the other birds and even 'tag team'
    I do hope you both get well quickly and hope the Drs can figure out how to give you relief!

  10. Your photos are awesome. I love the frayed edges what program do you use. I use adobe photo deluxe V4 the most I have Ps elements v6 ps v7. But do not like either yet. Maybe if I read the directions it may help. My prayers are with you both. I hope all goes well and you both get well soon.

  11. You and Frank are always in my prayers.


  12. Gosh, after I read about your problems I feel very fortunate that I just have a little neck pain now and then. I hope the antibiotics will help you both get better.
    I think your bird pictures are beautiful. I need some lessons from you maybe. lol


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