Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lakes -- Frank

The lakes we like to go to are pretty close to home. This sunrise picture was taken at Cotton Hill Park near Ft. Gaines Georgia which is about an hour and a half drive for us. The lake is Lake Walter F. George.

Morning Geese

This sunset picture was taken at Georgia State Veterans Park near Cordele Georgia which is about a 45 minute trip for us. The lake is Lake Blackshear.

Sunset and Ducks

Both lakes are man-made and beautiful. They both have great fishing and boating. Veterans Park has golfing, but there is golfing near Cotton Hill. We don't golf. We do fish and hike and sometimes we borrow Frank's parent's boat. Our little jonboat is okay in the inlets, but out on the lake it is dangerous if the wind kicks up. The lakes are far enough away from home to be able to relax and forget about work.... even though we don't have jobs outside the home we work!

We hope soon to expand the number of lakes we frequent :-)


Frank had his appointment with the oncologist surgeon yesterday. The doctor answered all of Frank's questions.... there was almost a book of them :-) The surgery will be sometime tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. For those just looking in.... Frank has a mass in his pancreas. The doctors do not think it is cancerous, but the only way to know for sure is to remove part of the pancreas. It is possible they may have to remove his spleen too.

Yesterday was busy. We left the house at 10 am for the doctor's appointment. When we finished there we went over to the hospital and did all of the good stuff that had to be done there. We arrived at the hospital at noon and left at 3 pm. We then dropped some things off at our family doctor's office .

Next was whatever meal that comes between lunch and supper. We were starving and went to Ryan's to eat.

Then we did our shopping. I hate shopping in the afternoon. Sam's Club wasn't bad, but Wal-Mart was awful. They needed at least six more registers open.

We arrived home at 5:30 pm. We took a much needed rest. In the evening we tried watching NCIS, but cable kept going out a lot and in a little. Of course it went out right at the most important parts.

Today is busy. Laundry is being done and then later vacuuming and mopping. Some household duties were missed when we were sick. Frank wants to help out before surgery, so I won't have so much to keep up with afterward. He usually does the vacuuming and mopping.

I am in the process of hemming a pair of jeans for me... I kept hoping they would shrink in length in the wash :-) I also have two pj bottoms to hem for Frank. I'm lost at the sewing machine... I haven't used it much in the last few years. I hope it needs no adjustments.

There was a time I made a lot of clothes for me and our children. I sewed a lot of craft items too. One time I was going to sew some small bears for a church bazaar. I got the pattern from a magazine and the bear looked much better in their pictures than what I turned out. I thought the bear was so ugly and threw it in the trash can by the sewing machine. Of course David... then about 4 or 5 years old picks the bear out of the trash can and claims it as his bear. He named him Ugly Bear and still has him... David is now 36 years old :-)

Okay.. I went back to hemming and as I was threading the machine Frank came in and asked me if I was sure that I could still operate the machine. I told him that he knew me and "that machine" didn't always get along and it would probably like me much better if he left the room. It's fun being married to Frank :-)

Well one more pair of pjs to hem and then I will eat lunch. Frank has to be on just liquids the rest of the day. I'm cooking a Healthy Choice Dinner for my lunch. I hope it will be good.

I'm not sure I will get back on before Frank's surgery to read what is happening in your lives, but I will try. Frank will be in the hospital a minimum of 4 or 5 days.

Frank and I appreciate your prayers.


Prayer is not merely an occasional impulse to which we respond when we are in trouble: prayer is a life attitude. -- Walter A. Mueller



  1. Thanks for the pretty lake photos. I've had an opportunity to visit both a while back.
    You and Frank remain in my prayers. If you get the chance, let us know how you both are doing. God bless.

  2. Zaroga,
    I enjoyed seeing the lake pictures. I sorry Frank is going to have to have the surgery! I will remember both of you in my prayers. I like that Quote today, so ture! Come back as soon as you can.
    Prayers & Peace to you and Frank,

  3. I will be praying for Frank and you. Update us when you can and take care of you to.

  4. I pray all goes well with the surgery. Sorry I have not kept up My computer is finally working better. I disabled a few add ons to fox fire.
    Big hug.

  5. I'm saying a pray for Frank that his surgery goes well and his reports are good. And I'm saying a pray for you that you will be well and have not problems while Frank recovers. Keep us posted and God bless! Sharon

  6. Zaroga, such beautiful and serene photos of the lake. I will be praying for both you and Frank. I'm sure everything will go very smoothly. You guys have been busy, busy, busy. Time to slow down and rest a little! Lots of hugs...

    Michelle, Mocha and Quincy

  7. Praying for you and Frank (oh, and those doctors)
    What a great post, love your lakes, and your Ugly-Bear-Relationship-w/THAT-Machine story! You guys take care:)

  8. The pictures of the lake are so pretty. I will be praying for you both:)

    I stopped by to thank you for the award you gave me. Today was the first chance I've had to post it:) Thanks so much:)

    Linda C

  9. Just want to tell you that I am remembering you and Frank in prayer. God bless.


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