Thursday, February 5, 2009

Award and A Word

Dorothy over at Counting My Blessings also awarded me The Lemonade Award. It would really please me if my friends would grab this award for themselves. Blogs I follow can be found in the far column.... so that is the best I can link right now. My eyes just are not up to copying and pasting links right now. If you are in that list grab the award. I promise I will catch up on reading soon. My eyes just need a bit of rest.


Here are the rules:

Put the logo on your blog or post.

Nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great attitude and/or gratitude!

Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

Share the love and link to this post, and to the person from whom you received your award.


I thought today that I would share an email that I got from my dear friend, Martha. I've known Martha over the internet for several years now and always find her interesting. I used to be a bit nervous in writing her because she is a former school teacher and my writing skills are just not up to par. I think I have forgotten everything I ever learned in my English classes. She overlooks that and really listens to me.... that is a good friend.

Martha sometimes sends me emails entitled "A Word". She has given me permission to use these emails. They always bring knowledge to me and hope they will do the same for you.

To Boot

The phrase "pulled himself up by his bootstraps" is used admiringly to describe a self-made success. Drawing only on his or her own inner resources, without help from any outside source, this person has made a mark in life.

Early computer programmers faced an obstacle: the memories of their computers were wiped clean each time the machines were turned off. To address this problem, the programmers needed to enter a short program called a "bootstrap loader" each time the machine was turned on. Once this program was read, the computer could then perform more complex functions. The short program gave the machine a "bootstrap" it could then use to perform tasks; without it, the computer was useless.

Over time, programmers figured out ways to design software so computers could perform this function automatically, and bootstrap loaders are now part of the basic makeup of any operating system. Pulling oneself up by the bootstrap is means of restarting one's situation. The expression lives on in the phrase "to boot," which today simply means to turn on, but reflects decades of efforts of computer programmers to make computers easier to use.


I hope you enjoyed that little bit of information. Frank and I are just resting today and hoping this virus will leave us any minute. I am hoping that soon I will be able to get back into my walking. I've really missed it. I've only walked around the yard the past couple of weeks. I'm sorry that today's post is mostly copy and paste, but my vision gets really blurry looking at the screen.... more rest and I'll catch up soon.


I talked to Mama on Tuesday. What has been causing her pain since she did that little twisty thing when she almost fell a couple of days before Christmas is a compression fracture. The doctor has her using a bone growth stimulator similar to the one in the picture below. Hopefully it will help Mama heal and her pain will decrease.


Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others. -- Winston Churchill



  1. Hi Zaroga, Hope it won't be long until you feel like taking that long walk around the yard. I hear we are due some warmer days in the near future and I pray that you & Frank will feel better soon.

  2. Love your red heart quilt! Great quote, cool info, I personally like that we are allowed to 're-boot' in our life (and keep all the important info:)

    You and Frank just take it easy-there is no rush:)

  3. How wonderful congratulations. See you are awesome. Big hug.

  4. Thanks for you message about the award. I really appreciate it and I will thank you here so please don't be hurt that I don't put it on my blog. I made the decision some time ago not to do awards. Mainly because it drives me crazy doing all the links. lol.


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