Monday, November 24, 2008



Yesterday I got my socks on all by myself :-) That is one task that Frank (husband) is glad that I'm able to do again. I also didn't need help getting in and out of the shower. I dressed all by myself! These are all normally "little things", but right now to be able to do them again they are "big things".

Frank hopes that soon I will be able to cook and wash dishes again. I don't know that I want to do either again :-) Frank is an excellent cook and really... who likes to wash dishes :-) If I had room to put a dishwasher in... I would have it done in no time. The cost would be well worth it to me.

You know... a thing about photography is that it can show you that your socks don't match. I evidently bought these two at separate times. The weaves and colors of the socks are different.

Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same. -- Francesca Reigler


  1. They look like they match to me...they're both white. I'm glad your on the mend and doing good.

  2. GREAT!! You are progressing for sure...I have been out with my daughter all day shopping for Christmas and boy do I feel it!! Will be laying down tonight...Sandy

  3. Perspective is really important and nothing like a little health problem to make us aware of how richly blessed we are to be able to do all the little ordinary things like putting on our own socks! Glad you are doing better but soon you'll have to wash the dishes. Remember to be grateful - dirty dishes mean you have food to eat and having to wash them means you are well! Happy Thanksgiving

  4. AHAH! I figured out your past posts! Under Blog Archive! (duh:) I'm copying another quote:)

    I'm so happy you can do so much! I know you are too! Amazing what we take for granted, until we can't huh?

    Yea for your hubby helping! Those type of guys are rare.

    I love that your socks say No Nonsense. A lot of meaning in those little words on those little socks (and I couldn't tell they didn't match-I thought it was the shadow:)


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