Friday, November 28, 2008

Rainy Day In Georgia


It is a rainy day today. Which is great, we haven't had much rain this month. The rain is light and soothing. The only bad things about the rain is that our joints hurt and it makes it a bit difficult to go for a walk. I had made it to three good walks a day by Wednesday... then yesterday I got only one in. My three good walks probably add up to a mile. Today I may only get in about 5o laps up and down our hallway.

Our son and daughter-in-law came to eat with us yesterday. Frank did a great job with the meal... everything was delicious. I tried not to eat too much in order to help my stomach not to be irritated. I did well with the meal that was served at about 1 pm, but the evening snack of pies is what my stomach didn't like.

Frank asked me what I wanted to eat today. He was hoping for brunswick stew made with the leftover pulled pork. I told him just some rice and maybe a little meat and a veggie that doesn't have much seasoning. Rice seems to calm the burning of my stomach.

Enough of decrepitness :-)


Most of the time when our daughter-in-law visits she winds up taking a nap on our couch. She says our couch just pulls her in. Yesterday, although both of us were sleepy, we talked together a lot and naps were forgotten.

In one of the conversations with Tish she mentioned that she had some containers that cat litter comes in and was going to paint them and use them for storage for her craft projects. A light bulb went off... I have some old craft books she might like. I showed her the box of books. Her eyes lit up. She took about half the books. Yeah! I got rid of stuff that I no longer use. My son was mumbling about finding places for more crap as she took the books to the car :-)

I always give my son books I've read so he can take them to a book exchange store. He would only take two of the books this time. He said that John Grisham is so popular that the store has too many copies of his books. One of the books he did take was a John Grisham book that he hadn't read, The Innocent Man. The other was Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Someone had recommended the book to me and it is a good book, but had more curse words in i t than I'm used to. I need to find more reading material... but just might try more of Mark Twain short stories. Mark Twain's short stories are hard for me to read.... much different than his Tom Sawyer book. The short stories contain a lot of politics and I don't enjoy politics :-)

Here our elections aren't over yet. We have a senate run off and a couple of judge run offs. The senate campaigns are nasty and I don't really like either candidate. Frank all ready did early voting and got me an absentee ballot... so one thing for me to do today.

After dinner my Mama and brother came by and so did Frank's parent's. So for a while a lot of people in the house. Well... for our small house. It was a great day and we were both exhausted by the end of the day.

All y'all make it a great day!


Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. -- Anthony J. D'Angelo



  1. Hey there Zoroga! It sounds like you are regaining some strength. I hope so.
    Glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving. We did too.
    It has misted rain a few times here since last night. I wish it would come a good rain, but can't complain. Any rain is good rain these days.
    About books, have you read the Mitford Series by Jan Karon? Someone referred them to me and I dearly love them! I think you would too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sounds like you had a heart warming Thanksgiving and I'm so glad for you. We have rain here today and it is really a nap taking day although I won't be getting a nap. I have my granddaughter this weekend and while she naps I'm trying to get a few things done. I see someone recommended the Mitford Series to you. A good friend recommended them to me and that is one thing I've asked for for Christmas. Judging from the person who recommended them to me, I'm sure they will be good reading and the language will be appropriate. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Keep getting stronger!

  3. Thanks once again for stopping by my blog! We of course have Martin and Chambliss running against each other again!! I want those commercials off of our TV for good!! UGH!!
    I love this rain as it is very calm. I had a good nap...great to sleep when it rains..Take care..

  4. I can sympathize with the burning stomache, I have a chronic cough and the Dr says it's a combo of sinuses and acid reflux, he upped my heart burn med to 3 a day and told me to stay away from CHOCOLATE, red sauces and PEPSI! I said the Pepsi and Chocolate weren't happening! I have cut down to 1 or 2 canned ones a day though!
    It has rained this weekend here, too, a nice steady rain, we have been in drought conditions so that is wonderful!

  5. Carolyn, I am getting stronger.. and bored. I'll check the series out when I get a chance.

    Sharon, yes very heartwarming. The rain has kept me cat-napping. I was a bit shocked in the language in the book Water for Elephants... I thought my friend that suggested it to read didn't like such language either.

    Sandy, I like reading your blog. I keep thinking today... two more days of phone calls before election... so tired of the recorded phone messages and commercials. The rain has caused me to take many cat-naps :-)

    Tammy, I've had the surgery, Nissen fundoplication twice for acid reflux. The second time it was the hiatal hernia that caused the wrap to come undone a bit. I don't think there is a problem that it came undone again. I just think the meds have irritated my stomach. I was so bad that water would even cause acid reflux. Now I just need to get my stomach to heal somehow... so far the meds have only helped a smidgeon. Small meals, no caffeine,no spicy food, no tomatoes or fruit juices.. blah! :-) Oh, and no coffee. I drink decaf, but the acid in the coffee is a bit much.

  6. Hi Zaroga,

    Sounds like you had a nice holiday. :) Glad you're taking it easy on the stomach. Sometimes that's a slow process. Hey I know what your daughter means when she says a couch that sucks her in. Mine does the same thing!! Sometimes I just sleep on it all night. Oh and that's a great idea with those cat litter containers! I'm going to do that! I never thought of it and I have tons of magazines I still keep. :) My friend and I just went and saw the movie Four Christmases. That was really funny...and cute. I can so relate to some of the stuff in the movie. :)


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