Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Name, Zaroga

Some of you have asked about my name. I usually start by telling people that I have weird parents.

Both of my parents came from large families. My Daddy was one of 13 children and my Mama was one of 11 children. There was also a slew of cousins. Both my parents had brothers named Ben. Then there were Williams and Marys.. so many names were repeated throughout the family. It was sometimes hard to figure out who the rumors were about amongst the family. My parents wanted their children to have unique names so they would know if their children were the ones being talked about... just kidding, but they did want their children's names to be unique and they did that.

I am the fourth of five Zs. That is why you will see me sometimes listed as FourOf5Zs. I have three older brothers; Zoral, Zane and Zarone. Zoral, pronounced Zōr-əl, was actually suppose to be Zorro, but Daddy or Mama ,,, I cannot remember which way the story goes...messed up the spelling. My Daddy was a fan of the Zorro movies. My Daddy was also a fan of Zane Grey books, so my next eldest brother's name comes from Zane Grey. It used to be an uncommon name, but now it is a common name for both males and females. My brother Zarone... his name is taken from Aaron and is pronounce Ză-rŏn. I'll skip to my sister, Zawanda, pronounce Ză-wŏn-də. Well... the story goes.. it "was a wonder" she was here at all. There is three years difference in my and my sister's ages. My Mama had a hard time with my birth and was not suppose to have more children. My name is pronounced Ză-rō-gə.. the family slurs it to Zrō-ger. My parents just made my name up.

Some people want to call me Z. I prefer no nickname, but if you address me as Z I won't holler. Just don't be surprised if I address you in response with the first letter of your name.

I usually get asked the question "what is your middle name?" My middle name is Clora, pronounced Clōr-ə.. rhymes with Flora. If someone calls me Clora I won't answer. Clora is my Mama's name.

Over the years my name has been a pain at times, but I'm glad my parents named me Zaroga. I don't really think my parents are weird.

A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches. -- Proverb 22 - 1


  1. Wonderful story. You can call my E as I do not like my real name. So I would not mind. lol
    Have a great week end.
    Grammy E

  2. Good morning, Zaroga! What an interesting history to your name. And now I understand th 4of 5Z's. Didn't know there were so many "Z" names. It is nice to be unique. Hope you have a great week. Sharon

  3. Wow, what a great story, Zaroga! I like that your name is just different than a lot out there. I mean how many Michelle's are out there? Ugh. I love how everyone's name came about! :)

    Michelle :)

  4. I am so glad that you posted about the origin of your name! I don't think your parents are weird at all. In fact, I think they were pretty smart to give you all such beautiful & uniques names!

    My Dad's name is Ben too, by the way! :D

    Hope you have a great week!


  5. I was kind of wondering, so I'm glad you posted about it. I like your name and wish I had been somewhat unique in picking my childrens names.

  6. Great i am glad that you explained your name..just helps to get to know you better....I was named from a little girl on a train during WW11...Her name was Sandra Lee. I was going to be Billy i am very thankful that my dad met that little girl and wrote my mother...Good post..Thanks for trying to help me with my B-12. The doctor told me yesterday that i did not even have a trace of it..No wonder I am so tired. I did go to that site. thanks so much..Sandy

  7. Very interesting...I always thought your name was unique and wondered myself if it was a family that was very interesting...I love when I hear a different name!


  8. I think your name is beautiful! I always wanted to change mine because I was always put in boys gym, and shop classes in school, and I even got a draft notice when I turned 18. lol!
    I like it now, and don't get mistaken for a boy any more. hahaha!

    I think your parents were pretty smart.


  9. Hey Zaroga!

    It's your flickr buddy, Josh. :) I was checking up on how you were doing since I hadn't seen ya around in awhile and saw the link to your blog. Very cool to read the explanation of your name since I was wondering that. :)

    Hope you're doing better!

  10. This is neat! In my family history I found a family of Z names. VERY creative! I'm sure they would have enjoyed the names your parents chose. Nice to meet you, Zaroga!
    I'm Carla June, Carla because it sounds like my mom's name Carolyn, and June because I was born in June. I love hearing naming stories!

  11. Hi Zaroga,

    How very interesting. I thought I gave my girls unique, but at the same time not very difficult. I gave them Deborah and Gabrielle. There are problems still.

    Sometimes I pity my students if they have very unusual names, I have a 5 year old who is Culburnia. Kids are cruel and call her Cow.

    And me, it is Ann with no E, if there is a Anne with E.

    You didn't say what you name your kids.


    Ann :)

    Enjoy your Sunday, it is Monday here, it doesn't matter for me, I am on vacation.

  12. Loved hearing the name story Zaroga. Thank you for sharing it :)
    I personally like names that are out of the ordinary. It makes you unique :) My real name is Melisa... not the traditional Melissa with 2 L's, but with 1 L and pronounced ME Lisa :) I have never used it though, I dont know why.
    Have you ever done a google search on your name to see if there are any others out there?

  13. I'm sorry for the typo! I Meant Melissa with 2 S's... NOT L's :)


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