Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pear Cobbler and Beef Stroganoff

'Tis the season for pears. Frank and I have been busy this week making pear preserves and pear cobbler. Frank did most of the work for the pear preserves... peeling, slicing, stirring, ladling into jars and I stirred ever once in a while and put the lids on the jars. Frank peeled and sliced the pears for the cobblers and I put them together. We made one cobbler for us and one for Frank's parents.

One of these days I might photograph food properly :-)

Pear Cobbler

Just follow this link for the recipe Pear Cobbler.

Some of you might see my Beef Stroganoff reappear. I found that I didn't mention that the garlic needed to be diced and I changed the amount of sour cream to read ¼ to ½ cup. I also had neglected to state that I use low-sodium beef broth. (the Kitchen Bouquet adds sodium... so I use the low-sodium beef broth to reduce the amount of sodium) I also noted that after the cornstarch is added to the mixture " Bring to a boil stirring constantly." I try to proofread, but sometimes I miss things :-) I think this recipe beats Hamburger Helper :-)


  1. You have reminded me of helping grandma make pear preserves. I love them on toast.

  2. I just checked your pear cobbler recipe and must try it. I've made many different cobblers, but never pear. It sounds delicious. I also want to find a recipe for pear relish. I had some years ago with peas and loved it. I am trying to decide which recipe sounds like it would taste the most like the one I had.


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