Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Zawanda

Today is my sister, Zawanda's birthday. She is the cute smart one of the family. Zawanda has a lovely singing voice. She likes to watch football... Go Falcons! Go Dawgs! and she likes baseball too.... Go Braves! Zawanda is a collector of glasswares and sometimes sells a few of them on ebay. She has a collection of lighthouses.

Happy Birthday Sis!

Love You!

Lighthouses bring this song to mind, Candle On The Water a song from Walt Disney Picture's live action/animation film Pete's Dragon.



  1. Next week is my Sister's birthday, my Mom and Gina also have Sept. birthdays.
    WONDERFUL photos! Love the rose and the barbed wire, but the gas pump especially makes me think of my Granddad who owned a station.

  2. Did your parents name you all with names starting with Z, are there other siblings?

    Happy Birthday to your sister.


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