Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching Up and another Recipe

I have been busy cleaning the kitchen this morning. I gave the counter tops a good cleaning, cleaned the toaster real good... amazing where the crumbs hide... cleaned the kitchen door and ran the Perfect Sweep over the floor. I bought it for the travel trailer, but found out that I really like to use in between vacuuming.

We hope to visit our daughter, Sonja soon. So the trailer needs to be restocked. Frank and out went out to the travel trailer this morning and made our list of what we need to put in the trailer and what we need to buy for the trip.

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I have worked on my project of learning Paint.Net. I have only played with the features it comes with. It is compatible with many Photo Shop filters. I have never played with that program's filters even though my Microsoft Digital Image Pro program is compatible with them. I really think Paint.Net will be easier to learn than Photo Shop. I tried the trial version of Photo Shop and the learning curve was way above me... I like things simple :-) I can see that Paint.Net has a lot of possiblities for graphics and editing photos.

My next project is to clean my table.... a table that I use as a desk. Doing so requires working on other projects, so it will take me a while.

I decided to put up another one of my recipes. I made my chicken and rice casserole yesterday, but didn't think to take a picture. I don't think I can get a half-eaten casserole to look pretty :-) Leftovers for today. Just follow this link: Zaroga's Chicken and Rice Casserole for the recipe.

I hope to read some of your blogs later today.



  1. Hi Zaroga!

    So sorry I haven't visited lately. I am cutting back on posting so I can visit others more. :) Say, can you come over and clean my house for me? I'll even pay you. Lol! I'm kidding. I just hate cleaning but someone's gotta do it. Your Chicken and Rice Casserole sounds wonderful!! I am going to try it.

    Hope you're having a great week!

    Lots of love and hugs..

    Michelle and her kit kats. :)

  2. Zaroga, when you are done with your kitchen, swing on past my place and get me inspired to clean my own. I am sure I have quite the collection of crumbs over here. I have been busy sewing alot of late and noticed suddenly that I had not been doing too much cleaning. Ooops! I too want to try getting around to lots of blogger friends today, it has been awhile since I have had this much time to spend on the computer doing FUN stuff liking blogging, and it is feeling really great. I have missed everyone. Where did the days go to, they really got away from me. The deeper into the autumn we go and then into winter, the more time I will have for my friends here.

  3. I love a clean kitchen. I know it feels good to accomplish that!

    I'm going over now to check out your chicken and rice - I love your recipes!

  4. Hi Zaroga, I like adobe pd v4 & 5 but they are having issues in my computer as I have photo shop elements6 & 7 too. They keep making thing not so easy to use.
    I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. I will pop over to see your recipe now. It sound yummy!

  5. I always vacuum my floor...I'm going to have to check that out...It looks like something I could use.

  6. Good morning Z!
    chicken and rice casserole sounds great..will definitely be trying it..
    my kitchen is clean!..a long time ago, I promised myself to clean the kitchen before going to bed so that it is fresh when I stagger in half asleep in the morning! rarely do I ever leave things in the sink!
    and lastly, I use Picasa for all my photography needs..Easy to use and FREE!
    Have a beautiful day/weekend!


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