Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Life

Of Riley... no just mine and Frank's :-) Life has brought allergies... oh.. I think I mentioned that before. I think ragweed is the culprit. This is the ragweed we have around here.

Common Ragweed, "Ambrosia artemisiifolia"

Many people mistakenly call goldenrod ragweed. Here is an image of goldenrod. Goldenrod has bright yellow blooms. They are said not to be an allergen, but they begin to bloom the same time as ragweed. I think because people can more readily see goldenrod it is easy to blame allergies on them.

The blossoms of ragweed are very small. Some ragweed is growing in the train bed across the road. There are no train tracks any more. They were removed years ago. The bed remains and is suppose to become a Rails to Trails project.

I'm sure there are other allergens lurking about. Frank and I have swollen itchy eyes, drippy noses along with sneezing and a small bit of coughing. Sometimes I have no voice. We're not sick... just a bit miserable. It happens this time of year... these allergies. So we have to live with it.

When antihistamines are working we have managed to make pear preserves and sausage (in links and patties). Frank gave the sausage a little smoke in the early hours of this morning. We'll have some links in the morning.

Biscuits always go with sausage. We have both practiced our biscuit making. I'm so rusty at it! I think Frank did the better job at biscuit making today. Frank said both our efforts tasted better than what he calls replicated biscuits.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Yesterday, I picked up my new spectacles. I had originally ordered trifocals. I was hoping they would be better than the last pair of progressive lenses that I had. I could not walk without getting drunk with them. I had done well with the two pair before that.

I tried for about three weeks and could not get used to the trifocals. So I took them back and got progressive lenses again. I think I'm going to do well with this pair. I really think the last pair of progressive lenses were just not made correctly and not adjusted correctly.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I think Father tries very, very, very hard to help me become more patient.

I started the process for me to get Reclast IV the first week of June. Here on the 10th day of September the process was completed. I received the IV this morning. I was told I wouldn't be there more than an hour in all for the fifteen minute IV.

Umph... Two hours! I sat in the waiting area for fifty minutes. The tv was set to the Headline News station. I usually get my news on the local channel or from Good Morning America. Most of the time I only half listen... to0 much going on in the world that is depressing. I like uplifting news :-) Listening to this channel my thought was "they have put the National Enquirer in tv form?" The news sounded more like rumors than fact and the way they flashed from reporter to reporter seemed like a circus act.

Any who...I was called back and led to a room with a comfy recliner and I'm not saying that sarcastically, it really was comfy. Twenty minutes later and two sticks with needles the nurse practitioner gave up and left the room. She came back with not one but two lab techs. The nurse practitioner had blew one vein and the other needle just wouldn't go in.... I think the vein rolled. I have drank about three times as much water as I usually do over the last three days, so the cause shouldn't be dehydration for not finding a decent vein. The nurse practitioner said it was just something that happens with some people.

One more stick from the lab tech and the IV was started. I now have three little bruised spots to go with the bigger bruised spot that I received on Tuesday when I had a blood sample taken.

The nurse practitioner stayed the whole time the IV was going. While we talked the time passed quickly. Soon I was sitting in the doctor's crowded waiting room... staying as far away from his patients as possible.... waiting ten minutes just in case I have a reaction.

Mama started the process for the Reclast IV before I did and she still has not received hers yet. She is going through a different doctor's office. Mama and my brother haven't been able to get past the office operator to speak to a person about it. Mama said they were going to go up to the office and ask about it if they hadn't heard by today.

I do think Reclast will be the better way for me to go with all my stomach problems. I'm hoping next year that Father will think I've learned to have some patience. I really did stay pretty calm. I didn't get too upset when I was told to go to one waiting room and then was directed to another waiting room. I didn't keep asking the nurse if the nurse practitioner had forgotten about me. I didn't ask for the tv station to be changed. o:)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
I really shouldn't complain so much. This video has a good point about complaining.

Maybe... just maybe I'll make a little progress before I pass through this world in being patient and not complain so much :-D

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Mildred over at Nalley Valley mentioned a few weeks ago how she and Nalley liked Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. I ordered a coupon for a free bottle of the sauce. The coupon came a few days ago. We found the sauce on the shelf of our local Wal Mart. The sauce is very tasty! Thank you, Mildred, for the recommendation.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

For the Friday Shoot Out I will have to dig through my archives and hope that I have something worthy of posting.

I'm behind in reading my blog friend's blogs. I hope to catch up by the weekend.


  1. I got my Reclast in the part of the hospital that does cancer IVs so the nurse was perfect at giving them. I was there almost 3 hours, the wait didn't seen that long but first they drew the blood to do the tests to see if I could take it and of course they ran the saline through afterward. The cost was ridiculous! I think $2000. The insurance paid a lot but still! I think I will skip it this year, I have not met my deductible.
    Hope you and Frank feel better, if you have a humidifier with a filter please run it. Helps a lot!

  2. Good evening Zaroga, The sausage and biscuits you and Frank are having sounds delicious. Fall is my worst time of year with allergies. My eyes itch so bad and I sneeze constantly! As you say, WHEN the allergy med works, all is great! So happy that you like Bob's sauce - that makes me happy that you got the coupon so quickly. Best wishes with the new glasses - maybe this time, these are keepers. I wish you both a lovely weekend.

  3. Z..
    I too have seasonal allergies...have had them for years so I do understand..The best I've found to relieve all the symptoms is Zyrtec.
    It is non-drowsy which means I can function normally. just take one a day..every day so the stuff stays in your system!
    wish I had some of your homemade biscuits,sausage, and pear preserves..
    hope you feel better!
    ♥hugs and smiles from Colorado


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