Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This N' That



Isn't the puppy cute! I hope it brightened your day. It brightened mine.

Well, yesterday was doctor day again. I'm having pain in my shoulder and low neck. There is numbness in my left pinkie finger, the next finger and part of my hand. The doctor said the cause could be in any of several places along the nerve that runs from my finger to my neck. It was weird he pressed in an area near my wrist and my shoulder had a burning pain. First an injection of a a corticosteroid and a prescription for Medrol and if I'm not better by Friday I go back to see him. I can't seem to get over one thing before another part of me falls apart... but I will cope and take things as they come.


On a brighter notes...

We have been in a warm spell and a jonquil are blooming.... well it may be a daffodil, but Mama always called it jonquil. This flower is small and the leaves are thin... when I think of a daffodil I think of a large bloom and broader leaves. I'm not a horticulturist and only care that they bless my eyes with beauty :-)

The wind was probably blowing 20 mph when I took the picture. I thought if I waited until the wind died down there would be no flower left. Soon there will be more flowers and hopefully better pictures.



I want to tell you about a wonderful blog. It is called
Nalley Valley. The author of this blog is Mildred. She always has something interesting to talk about. You will be hooked on her blog in no time at all.


We had a bit of stormy weather come through this morning. Nothing bad at our house, but about a mile up the road straight-line winds hit and took a few trees down and electricity out. It is almost 4 pm here and 64° and yesterday we were about 76°. Today is more of our normal temperature during the winter.

Well... time to get a little reading in.


Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of their character, though few can decipher even fragments of their meaning. ~Lydia M. Child



  1. I could handle weather that will make the flowers bloom right about now. I hope it's nothing serious with your numbness. I seem to recall my mother calling them jonquils too.

  2. Sorry you are not feeling well. I will remember you in my thoughts & prayers. The little pup above brought a smile to my face. Your jonquil/daffodil picture was a surprise! I always love the first one of the season and the way they smell like the hope of spring. Thanks for the mention of my blog - how very thoughtful of you. Email me your address & my pup will be mailing Valentine's soon - see my latest post for details. Hope you rest well and begin to feel better soon.

  3. Cute puppy! What a beautiful flower-I call them all daffs. This warm weather is giving spring fever. I hope your treatment works for you! Blessings to you!


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