Friday, January 9, 2009

Show and Tell Friday -- Sausage -- Doctor Again

Show and Tell
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I'm a Salt & Pepper Shaker addict... uh... collector. I don't really look for who makes the shaker sets; I just buy what I like.

I did a quick search this morning on this set. It has no markings, but I learned that is a Currier & Ives by Royal China.

Blue Salt & Pepper Shakers

This set has no markings either. I did a quick search and couldn't come up with anything. I bought this set because it reminded me of a set that Mama has of a cow.

Donkey Salt & Pepper Shakers

I will probably share more of them as time goes on... I have lots and lots of them I've had to stop collecting because I can't find a place to put them. Time to figure out where I can put another cabinet

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Venison Sausage

Frank's brother gave us some venison (deer) meat. Frank made some great tasting sausage with part of the meat.

I know... deer are a beautiful animals and so are cows. Unfortunately I just can't bring myself to be a vegetarian.

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Doctor Again --

Okay... you can skip this part if you want. Things about the doctor are mainly for me.. just a way to vent a little. Sometimes writing it down makes it seems less than it is

You know you have been to see the doctor too often when everybody knows you by name in the office.

I received a Toradol injection and corticosteroid injection. A MRI has been ordered, but I have to wait until the referral goes through and that probably won't happen until the first part of next week. I hate the referral part of our insurance... it can take a while sometimes.

The doctor now agrees with me that it is my neck causing the problem... the C7 - T1 area. I'm hoping the injections and the Medrol and a couple of other meds I'm on will at least dull the pain and let me get some rest. It is hard to sleep when when your shoulder and neck are burning and stinging.

Okay that part is done Deep breath and live life.

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The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope. -- Samuel Johnson



  1. Your salt and pepper shakers are adorable.
    I hope the shots help with the shoulder and neck pain.

  2. Cute salt & pepper shakers. I eat (and enjoy!) meat too. I sure hope that the injections work and that you don't have to do surgery.

  3. Hi Zaroga,

    The salt and pepper shaker set are just adorable! I love blue and white. The cow is too cute! I admit, I wish I could be a vegetarian too but it's so hard. :( Glad to see they're getting to know what is really causing all your pain. I have a girlfriend who is kind of going through the same thing. She had back surgery several years ago and I believe the same area is causing her issues. She walks with a bit of a limp and is always in pain..and it kills me to see her like that!

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  4. By the way, thank you so much for commenting on my niece's blog (as well as mine!). She will LOVE to see all those comments coming her way. She's a little ham sometimes and likes to be in the spotlight. Hehe!

  5. Hi Zaroga, I hope you can get a little more rest over the weekend. My mother collected Currier & Ives china for years. If you search my past posts under "Currier & Ives" you'll see a book that I bought her re Currier & Ives. You might enjoy reading it.

  6. Hey, Zaroga! I love your S&P shakers-I hope you do share more, that sausage looks good enough to eat;), and HOPEFULLY shots in the new area will do the trick! God bless dear friend:)

  7. Your S&P shakers are wonderful! I'm not a sausage kind of person so I hoped you enjoyed yours and most importantly. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you experience much pain and discomfort and I know that can be a challenge to deal with. Gentle hugs coming your way and I hope that referral goes through asap.

  8. Hi Zaroga! Cute salt shakers, and I have to say, my hubby is a hunter and I love me some venison sausage!
    I did go vegan for 1/2 a year and was fine without it, but still eat meat now, just not as much.

    I will pray that your neck is well soon!

  9. Awesome salt and pepper shakers. Oh my that sausage looks good. I have a couple of deer roasts in my freezer that I keep forgetting about. I hope you start feeling better soon, it can't be fun. I hate it when you have to wait for those referrals to be approved, it can be a total pain (no pun intended).

  10. Love the salt and pepper shakers. My mother used to have a few sets. She didn't really have a "collection" but she certainly had more than she could use. I'm sure they are still in the house. I remember a set that was ceramic and turnips. I may go rummaging and see what I can find. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Is Frank still anticipating surgery? Have a great weekend.

  11. I really like the blue and white S&P shakers and the cow one is really cute too! I am a carnivore as well.

  12. My favorite is the blue set. It's really pretty.
    It's no fun to be in pain. I hope the medications will help.

  13. I love, love, love Currier and Ives anything. Reminds me of my mom's dishes when we were growing up:)

    Your salt and pepper shakers are so sweet. I would love to see more!

    I hope you a pain free real soon!

    Linda C

  14. The little Burro reminded me of one of my Nanny's Nicnacs she had, I will have to do a post about some of my VWs I collect. I also so snowmen so I packed up some of my VWs and have my snowmen out right now. I will be packing them up soon.
    I am sure it doesn't help to take the Medrol pack to help you sleep! That is prednisome like I take daily. When Les takes it he gets a lot done around the house! My sister works for a fantastic Neurosurgeon who specializes it necks I think. Les went there for his back.
    I make scarves and hats from scraps, I have been making carseat size blankets for the girls having babies, I just make up a pattern though, I got a wonderful calendar last year with crochet patterns I don't know where I have it put up since the move though. I will remember to look for it!

  15. Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments and good wishes. I really appreciate it.

  16. I collect salt and pepper shakers, too! I've got a little donkey just like that one, but the shakers are a little different on him. Thanks for sharing yours. I enjoyed your comment over at my sight.


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